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  1. 5x5 tent
    HLG 600 respec LED
    6inch hurricane exhaust
    4inch hurricane intake
    Foxfarm HappyFrog Soil
    9, World Of Seeds (Northern Lights x BigBud Ryders)
    Flora trio nutes + diamond nectar, floragrow, armor si, calimagic, liquid KoolBloom, and maxicrop

    I will start them in 1 gallon pots and after 3 weeks transplant into 5 gallon pots for roughly 8 weeks of flowering.

    I'm still researching what strain would be best to pull this yield. But With this rough outline do you think I can pull 3 pounds?
  2. That would be:

    2.27 grams per watt.

    9 seeds 5 turn up female, 9.6oz per plant.

    54.4grams per sqft.

    Have you had any results similar to this?

  3. No I have not, but these seeds will all be female, they are feminized. So therefore 9 plants putting out 48 ounces (3pounds) they would only need to yield a little over 5 ounces per plant.
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  4. Still 5 ounces per plant is a very hefty yield and probably a bit difficult
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  5. 5 ounce per plant definitely possible.

    Id reccomend more light and more space. 2.2 lbs is my estmate. Based off of 1.5 grams per watt and 40 grams per square foot.

    Measuring Yield

  6. More space than a 5x5? The HLG600 puts out about 1100 if I'm not mistaken. I suppose I could add in a couple autocobb55's as well.

    5 ounces a plant seems doable. But still alot. I think the strain will also play a bit factor. I'm looking at
    World of seeds - Northern Lights x Big Bud, autoflower

    I saw someone say they ran 11 and transplanted into 5 gallons on week 3 and pulled 3.2 pounds
  7. I don’t believe you will need an intake exhaust unless u are pulling air in from a good distance away from the tent.
  8. Puts out 1100 what? It definitely don’t put out 1100 watts. I think you will pull about 900g if u do everything correctly. Are you gonna set up a net to fill out the whole 5x5 area?
  9. "This DIY kit will easily replace any 1000 Watt HID using only 620 Watts of power producing a massive 1540 PPF total output! To put this in perspective, a single ended 1000 watt produces around 1250 PPF total. The HLG-600H produces 20% more light than the SE1000 watt with 40% less power!"

    I could scrog, or just lst and tie down for even canopy's.
  10. Lol equivalent don’t matter..if that was the case ppl would be killing it with cheap 2000w blurples. its what it actually draws. Also for 761$ one coulda build almost two of those off alibaba. I spent about 2g on hlg qb b4 I realized I could get the same thing off alibaba for half the price
  11. I literally have no idea how to build them. Wouldnt want to waste my time
  12. I agree. It just confuses people. Actual wattage is what matters.

  13. Lol nice copy and paste. Still draw is what counts not equivalent.
  14. It’s super easy. My first one took 15 min. The ones after that was 5 or less min. The hardest part would be making a frame, IMO. I just hang each board as a single with own driver. That way I can evenly space the boards
  15. How do you know which parts to order? Is there an instructional video or something you could link me to?
  16. Having experience I think if all goes well u will pull 900-1000g
  17. With the builds you just pick the board u want, then match the driver. If you haven’t I would get on alibaba. There are some people here who navigate it well and can point u to good reps. The rest is door bell 18g solid core wire, some wagos, and some leads to hang them (if you wanna do it all urself). I think if you woulda bought ur light off alibaba complete u woulda paid around 400-420 delivered to ur door plug and play
  18. I would love to build one if possible. I've read about it iust havent looked too much into it. But if it's as easy as you say I would definetely like to learn more
  19. It is. I bought all my lights off of hlg either just a board or board/heat sink combo. Then got the drivers off the link in hlg(digi-key maybe?) all the stuff I ordered from hlg came from China, to hlg where they reboxed it and ship it to me. Came still wrapped in Chinese news paper. That’s when I realized I was paying twice as much going through hlg. Since then Ive directed about 10 ppl or so to szgeeklightjane on IG. She is a rep for qb on alibaba. Everyone has been happy with the product Comes plug n play with a year warranty

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