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  1. I was just watching the elegant universe and started to think some things... since i'm pretty baked i didn't want to
    forget, so i wrote them down. Anyway, i'm bored and i haven't posted on here yet so i decided to post them.
    Hopefully a few of you will find these musings interesting.

    The big bang was Quantum theory coming through. There had been nothing; quantum theory stated that there could be
    something else and in a parallel universe there was something else. We are one of those parallel universes, where
    something happened. That something was the big bang; remember, with Quantum Theory, everything is possible and
    before the big bang, NOTHING HAPPENED. THERE WAS NO TIME. Probably (infite-1) years. SO thats unending years,
    minus 1. Or it could have been 2 years, but there was a chance that it owuld happen. SO it did happen, because
    it had to be possible. Now what happened is unclear; there could have been a box with our universe in it that decided to appear and explode,
    letting our universe out. Or something else could have happened, but because so much is possible i don't think it is or ever will be
    possible to explain exactly what happened that caused the creation of the universe. The point is, something

    Expanding upon the universe...

    There is one big universe, where nothing happens. Time passes so fast, it doesn't exist. There is nothing there.
    However, according to quantum thory, everything possible will take place in a parallel universe. Therefore,
    there are thousands of other universes out there where so much stuff can happen. This could be why people age;
    as they split so many times into different universes, their atoms 'get tired', 'get sore', i don't know, something
    like that.

    Thats all for now... let me know what you think!
  2. Aging due to infinite parallel dimensions? That's a new one, but I like it... Food for thought
  3. i think theres either 1 or 2 universes.not an infinite amount. this one and possibly another one. i say that mostly because of black holes i dont know how we'd explain it otherwise lol. or in that case maybe an odd number like 7 or 4 or 59 or 99or 400 or 500,000 or 1 google. my point is maybe when one dies it creates 2 or after a certain time each universe spawns another one,something like that. where is the universe anyway?
  4. I just smoked after 6 hours in the library.

    My thoughts on the universe: it's fucking huge and understanding it is way above my pay grade. Here's to simplicity!
  5. Simplicity is what make you like the rest, stop thinking like a bitch.
  6. Do people put any faith in theories and ideas that there is other dimensions/universes. Why does there need to be and what does it really matter researching this. It seems these 3 dimensions+time work. Why think there is a non physical, immaterial reality where there is some kind of formless existence to experience.

    How do you experience this non physical 'reality'. how can you when your body is here in actual reality. how can the mind experience this while stuck in a physical body. Sure their is phenomena like NDE or OBE, but are they not happening in this reality, in this universe, in this existence, during this lifetime. It seems like everything could be answered when we die because we will know for sure if this is all there is.
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    I have a thread similar to this in spirituality and philosophy lol,

    the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics allows the possibility of infinite universes, explaining how time progresses, meaning for every possibility that doesn't happen in this universe, it happens in another (this is based on theoretical models and mathematics only though, we obviously can't observe a multiverse at this point). This is essentially why time travel to the past is theoretically possible, if you travel to a universe that has the same past as yours you can go ahead and kill your grandfather because he's not really YOUR grandfather. It would also imply that you exist in an infinite # of universes, WE'RE IMMORTAL! lolol
  8. What amazes me is if there are infinite universes for every action within a lifetime, how exactly are we entangled to these occurences (or anti-entangled since they represent the opposite reaction. lol) and what causes us to only experience one of them? Are these other universes still considered you since obviously something else is experiencing them?

  9. This is the exact reason I love my shitty, peanuts-paying job because it gives me ten hours a day to put my body on autopilot and think about everything and anything I want (i.e. the universe), while others who make more than me waste away their lives in simplicity because their jobs require full participation of their brains.
  10. i read an article once that said that our universe creates nearly an infinite amount as it dies; sounds crazy but ill try to explain (remember i'm not expert on string theory):

    the universe is currently expanding and will never stop. Right now (relative to how things will be in the distant future) the universe is pretty dense. But as it ages it grows farther apart. Eventually the galaxies will be so far apart that not even an infinite amount of time would allow you to visit the nearest one (the Magellanic clouds).

    Now, long after that the stars will be that far apart; and eventually even atoms will be this far apart. As you may or not no, atoms need their protons and electrons to remain stable. So once the protons and electrons begin to distance themselves (and i mean distance) from there neutrons, the neutrons begin to go crazy and literally implode, thus creating a new big bang.

    So ultimately every atom in the universe become another universe and the universe we currently reside in becomes a multiverse; that being said, each of those universes would repeat the same action over and over again thus creating an infinite amount of universes.

    Now I'm not sure if this is true, but it is currently a part of string theory (one of the many theories trying to replace Einsteins theory of relativity.

    Now does that make you think?
  11. I think the parallel universe theory is interesting, but is more sci-fi movie type stuff than going off of what we know. Honestly, I don't have anything to refute parallel universes, because we only know about %1 of what's actually out there. The other %99 is dark matter, which means that we can't see it because light from our universe hasn't gone that far yet..... and how long has the universe been around? Oh yeah, a really REAAAAALLLLYYYY long time.

    Everything, from massive stars to planets and life end up "dying" at some point or another. The movie, "The Fountain" comes highly recommended from me, just because it takes on some of these questions we all ask. But in the end, death produces life. Think about it, we think that the "center" of our universe is a massive black hole (aka dead star) which started EVERYTHING that we can see, feel, touch, etc. Similarly, on earth, we die to be put back in the ground to create more life. How that black hole came into existence, however, is what I would love to find out, unfortunately, humans most likely will never be capable of obtaining that information.

    As for time travel, in my astronomy class, we learned to think of time as a straight line. If you went back in time, you wouldn't be changing the future, because that means you already went back in time, and this created the present (paradox?) Again, time travel is more sci-fi movie stuff, interesting nonetheless.

    I dunno guys, I could literally spew on about this for the rest of my life, but in the end, we're all nothing but stardust (credit to "Sunshine" also a fantastic sci fi movie).
  12. The universe is just a giant ball of energy that has a single soul and it's own consciousness. Look up proto consciousness that it what I think. Thank the universe for hallucinating.
  13. "If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god." - Napoleon I, Emperor of the French

    dude I'm a total pantheist, i believe the universe is just as alive as we are, just in a different way.
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    As far as science can tell us today, there is no center of the universe (although when we observe space it appears as if we're the center of the universe, but that's only because everything is moving away from everything else at an exponential speed due to the big bang). You may be confusing our galaxy with the universe lol, the center of our galaxy is in fact a massive black hole. Time travel to the future is very possible and already happening on a very small scale (the closer you approach the speed of light the more time slows down, we can actually measure this now) but time travel to the past seems pretty improbable for paradoxical reasons like you mentioned (though there are some interesting explanations to get around it, but they're purely speculative and theoretical).

    Isn't that stardust thing amazing? :smoke:
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    About the center of the universe thing, it's just a theory my professor brought up. What else could have cause such a massive explosion of matter and energy other than a singular point of radiation (star)? I mean, yes, there's no possible way we can tell where the center of the universe is, we haven't even gotten into a fraction of discovering it.

    Time travel to the future eh? That's something that I haven't really thought about scientifically, but in my eyes, all time travel is impossible until we reach warp speed. And even then, like you said, we would only be moving forward. Backwards is just, well, inexplicable.

    Oh, and maybe I was confusing the universe with our galaxy haha, regardless its a good comparison.

    I love that line by the way.
  16. Yeah what I meant by time travel to the future is time-dilation. It's an effect we mostly observe with satellites in orbit around Earth, they're traveling so fast that we actually have to account for the time difference (they're a few nanoseconds slower in time than the rest of us) on their internal clocks.
  17. Also, isn't how close you are to the surface a factor in time? I vaguely remember talking about how clocks in the higher levels of tall building generally run a second or two behind clocks closer to the ground. And that when flying in an airplane, time is shorter than when on the surface. For instance, someone who was always flying would age slower. It's about gravity playing a factor in the space-time continuum or something

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