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Thoughts on the RMJL!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Ok...this is the deal! You all know me well enough to know that I have to voice my thoughts on shit every once and a while so here they are.

    It's obvious that we all love the City. I don't think there is any need to prove our love or loyalty because us being here is doing that. The City went through a rather brief period of shit. It's over now. The only way we can make things better is by going about business as normal.

    Get fucking fried out of your head!!! Come here and post about how you can't feel your legs, how seeing straight is a slight problem, how your mind is making you think things you never your thoughts on idealism, realism and whatever else. Question the existence of God, the Devil and lurkers. Go to Pandora's Box and tell us things that will make us go crazy...whether it's sexual or...well, I prefer sex but talk about whatever!

    When you get ill, go to the infamous FUCK OFF thread. If you need advice, ask for it...if you have advice, give it.

    Let's just get on with City life. That's the only way this stoner family can unite...not that we need to though, because just the fact that we are all stoners and are here shows that we are UNITED!!! Those of you on a break, you're still stoners at, is the whole scheme of things, life for us as Blades of the City really kicks ass.

    So, stay stoned, treat each other with respect and most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!
  2. you rock rmjl. i agree 100% lets put the past behind us and get on with our lives :D

    in the very famous words of... well, i forget who...

  4. RMJL: you go girl!!!!!!! well and respect are synonymous at THE CITY!!!
  5. theerrreee iiit iiiissss!


    this is about having fun!
  6. That's the spirit, guys!!!!!!
  7. As always are sooooooooo right!!!!! This blunt is for my buds here at the city!!!!!! Its the start of the weekend, everyone should officially be getting fried by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yeah....let's just forget the whole thing....I've been missing the vibes...
  9. i luv ya RMJLmnop, your a very wise,wise woman. with kick-ass spirit :D

  10. i have no clue what happend but rmjl that's exactly why i come to this site........... aaahhh....... don't mind me i'm just smokin one here.
  11. damnit... i'm still have too many bills to pay, so no trees for cottons this weekend. i do get a little something monday for the 1 day i managed to squeeze in before the pay period ended at McD's :D maybe i'll start my weekend then. :D
  12. ok..i guess a super fucking tired rant is as good as any other

    once again the meat packing industry is flaming the world with condoms, and no one knows what to do, so digit shoots a turd into the vehemontweeler...and it stops..why you ask?..because smokinokie said so...the dingusus need to show up, so we can laugh at pensils being made of lead, and eat biskits in church while we toke on EXCALIBONG!!

    dun dun dunnnuh nudndhdd

    ahhh..vanilla coke

    i got me some tonight..not vanilla coke, but ya know.."some"

    dad knows that were fuckin..he found the can of whip cream in the truck and the limbs from backin out of the woods under and in and around the truck..ah well

    and he thinks we broke the horn
    i get to beat on a black guys door tomorrow, so i can get some herb
    i know him tho
    he told me to
    donkeys unite for the emancimation doctrine of stoneagehood

  13. he who holds excalibong

    falls down alot

  14. HAhahahahaha CHECK!!!

    Rofol... Am I the only one who finds that funny
    "Get Fried Out Of Your Mind" "Hahah Check!"
  15. all that nasty shit before scared me, first digit leaving then crit gonna leave too... toooooooo nasty for me
  16. roflmao..!
    you guys r great :D I need an excalibong!! post a pic of it someday m8! lol
  17. PoKe SmOt!

  18. That's number 4 on my list of things to do today!
  19. HIGH All, I hate leaving town for a few days and coming back to a City in disarray. It bothers me to see some of the best here talking of leaving...been missing alot of heated talking between members and most know my position if any of these members leave.

    To top my coming home yesterday I go to upload some more pictures of our new lunchroom where we were these last few days and find I have a virus and it won't load...pissing me O.F.F.F. I tell you!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and to change the subject...when we were up Island I saw the most Bald Eagles I've ever saw...couldn't count them All but I bet there were over a thousand of was unreal.

    I have to go and find this virus and do what us growers do when we get the borg...eradicate it!!!

    RMJL you rule

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