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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by T Swank88, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Back a year ago i used to have a MFLB and it was alright, i never really liked the whole thing cause i could never get big hits off it, or like i never get super high off it even after like 5 bowl packs. I had it for a month or two and then somehow lost it. Recently a friend of mine got the apex vape, which is the same thing as the volcano pretty much. My buddy and I hit two bags back to back and after that i was feeling pretty high. I couldn't tell if i was really blasted or what cause it wasn't a stoned feeling, i was feeling pretty light. But then he started playing Techno Kitten Adventure on Xbox and i was trippin out to the music and colors and shit. But anyways how would you guys compare the Apex to other vapes? I have a 2 foot bong but I'm living in a dorm this year so i don't think that's gonna work out so i need a real good vape. Right now I'm really liking the Apex but I'm not sure if there's better ones out there

  2. really? Nobody wants to say what the best vape they think is? Or has anyone else not hit an Apex before?
  3. Looks like a strait knockoff of the cano.
    it is, it hits pretty good tho it's only like $200 where the volcano is $600 so it's a pretty good steal if i can find one online
  5. Probably no responses because knock off vapes are not that popular... Especially since they are typically viewed as a "healthy" alternative, yet have enough wire and electronics in them to actually be unhealthy unless built to proper standards.
    If you are set on bags, EQ off ebay/amazon is cheaper and is a well loved unit from a respectable company with a TON of satisfied users.
    Da Buddah is whip only, but another incredibly popular, trustworthy unit for under $200 online.

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