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    After attempting to research, I still dont fully have an idea of what IR brings to the table when it comes to growing cannabis. What exactly does it do? Is it highly reccomended or does it just give a small bonus? What stage does it affect most; Veg or Flower?
    I have ordered the Mars 300 that I recently learned is one of the company's oldest lights and therefor it does not include IR (Yes, I was aware it had IR before ordering) - so, would you guys recommend me getting a single small bulb just to incorporate the 730nm spectrum on my plant? well, if there are any small bulbs dedicated to just supplying IR to plants.
    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Same story for UV, actually...
  2. some studies say that the UV light can get you more THC in the plant (compared to a same plant without UV)
    and IR as far as i know doesn't do that much to flowering but it helps growth
    if they were cheap it's not a bad idea to get a couple of them
  3. Alright then thanks for the info. I'll probably just get a full spectrum small 10 watt led with IR+UV if I can find something
  4. 730nn is more important in flower. You use it to tell the plant to wake up and fall asleep. On the led panels that just have on/off option and no direct line to the 730nm, you aren't getting an extra two hours of flowering time. You can actually get a longer day for flowering by buffering the grow lights on/off cycle with 730nm lighting only. You would use a separate timer. The result is 14-10 day-night.
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