Thought the convience store was getting robbed at gun point--key word thought lol

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  1. So this is pretty hilarious story so I thought i'd share:

    Me and some friends were all smokin one night, and we decided to go run to the convience store and grab some wraps. I volunteered to go cause i had to pick up cigs, and one of my other friends came with me.

    We pull up to the store at around 1am and I walk in to get a drink, some cigs and a wrap. (keep in mind we had been vapin all night on some sticky icky so im blazed as hell.) I get my drink and as i'm walking to the counter, there a ~50 year old man at the counter. The dude was bummy as hell and i couldnt see his face, cause he had a cap pulled down really low.

    Heres when i freak out: as i'm standing there I hear the guy saying "just give me whatever you got, just give it to me now" and the girl was like please dont do this i dont have anything" and the guy was persistent and kept asking for money, and i was standing behind him and it looked like he was holding a gun around his stomach pointing it at the girl.

    so my high ass freaks out and with the drink in my hand, just bee line to the door. i get in the car with my friend (which was driving) saying "go go go we need to call the cops and get the fuck out of here." so as hes backing up (very dangerously cause he didnt know wtf was goin on) and as were about to pull away the fuckin lady at the register comes running out of the store yelling "im not a dumbass you aint stealin SHIT from me!! get your ass out of the car!! in my head im thinkin "wait wtf just happened"

    so i hop out the car explaing i thought she was getting robbed by that guy in the store. and nonchalantly she replies, yeah he does it all the time up here. well im thinkin wtf is a random customer gonna think when the store is gettin robbed!! (also keep in mind this is a very very rural part of the state, known for meth addicts.)

    so i go back in and end up paying for my drink and gettin the wraps and some cigs.

    it was scary as hell at first, and walkin out the door i could just here him in my head "no surviors bitch!" and shooting me but it was def worth the laughs over the blunt we all shared later.

    potheads just do the darnest things...........
  2. THat is pretty funny...
  3. I work at convenience store. I have people who think they are hilarious and will yell out, "give me all the money!" One guy even points his fingers like a gun.
    I personally hate the joke and can't wait for a ccw holder to think they are saving the day and open up. Lol.
  4. lololol

  5. Hahaha, so some meth addict was so high on meth, that he pretended to rob a store? (or some shit like that)

  6. That's funny as hell lol! I used to work at a small town marketplace and people would do that shit all the time the regulars. One of these times that bum will do the same thing only the person behind him might beat his ass, or worse have a gun of his own. :(

  7. haha no i was just painting the picture of the store. it was a little dinky ghetto mart in the middle of no where haha

  8. haha i had no idea this was a common occurance! i mean what did she expect me to do? wait in line patiently while she was "getting robbed"?? haha
  9. i thought crazy shit like this only happened in MY life...
  10. I used to live. Like 20 min from the numb 1 meth capitol of the united states and youd see the craziest shit, people just bent over spaced out on the sidewalk n shit. Nd is a crazy state
  11. reporting in from a meth state. so funny to see crazy lookin dudes drivin escalades in the appy mountains like DUDE U COOKIN?!!??!?!
  12. Hahaha YES I could totally see myself doing the same exact thing while blazed

  13. hahah yeah dude you'll pass fuckin SHACKS up here like complete dumps, with caddys parked out front. always cracks me up.

    you from the apps?
  14. Meth is a hell of a drug.
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    no i live in central ky but pass thru the mountains a few times a year and its always an eye-opener
  16. nice got some friends from lexington up at UK

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