THOUGHT POLICE: Firms must swear Obamacare not a factor in firings...

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  2. All hail the king!
  3. *incentivize X*

    *make X illegal+

  4. LOL absolutely retarded
    A guy I work with was just going on about how great OBAMAcare is
    He's 60, no wife, no kids, just him...he cooks us good food sometimes though but...
    when you step back and think about does an unmarried guy who's 60 with no kids have a perfect vision for society? Anyone who thinks this sounds like a real asshole to me.
  5. Even though you're letting go a lot of employees because of Obama care, you have to sign this and swear that you're not "officially" letting them go because of Obama care.


    See its not obamacares fault!
    They signed it!
  6. You, sir, are a damned genius. I might even venture to say an intellectual.
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    You think he's smart. How about we get the government to force people to buy our shitty product. We can even get the President of the US for a modest fee of course to pitch our shitty product to the masses. 
    If anyone complains well we can say they just hate poor people. 
  8. Im not against mandating health insurance companies to cover pre existing conditions.. but this law has gone far above any beyond giving health insurance to the impoverished.. its a  job killer far and beyond at this point. 
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    Less people will have adequate health insurance after this passes.. the data doesnt lie? 
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    I think the only people still supporting this are either the totally ignorant or those few who will make it like fat rats cause everyone else will be paying their bill.
  11.  A ton of people still support obama care including many moderate republicans.. many are completely ignorant but the difference is that most support it because they  believe it will do good..
  12. That's what I meant by ignorance. If you still think it will do good you obviously don't know shit about it.
  13.  Easy bro! I despise it.. i'm just saying.. out of all the negative aspects of this law there is possibly some good that could have come out of it.. im not one to play politics.. Im just saying.. above everything else this law was a way to  skew job numbers.. 
    The reason people like myself still support Obamacare is because it's the only way I am going to get affordable healthcare. I have no other options for healthcare right now and this will get me covered for about $150/month. I really can't even afford that but I need healthcare for when a bad accident does happen.
  15. Sorry man, I didn't mean "you" personally. It was the general term.

    This is what I was talking about for the others. You support it because the theft from others well benefit you personally. You don't mind if others are getting fucked as long as your insurance is cheaper. Sounds like garrisons defence of this horrible law.
    I dont mean to get too personal, but why is Obamacare the only thing you can afford at the moment? That's the point.. If the economy was more fruitful, obamacare wouldnt be in such hot demand.. 
  17. I pay taxes. The theft of others? If you are so worried about stealing from people stop earning money and give away any you have saved.
    Obamacare is the only thing I can afford because Sam Walmart is a greedy bitch.
  18. MSNBC in 6 months:
    "Even though employment numbers have plummeted over the last 6 months, 95% of businesses say it is not because of Obamacare. What do these loony Republicans have to say now?"
    Let's be realistic here Johnny.  Most people have enough stress worrying about themselves and their families.  If they are barely surviving, and a law passes that helps them and their families even if it comes at the expense of people they don't know that are better off, you can't logically expect them to refuse it and allow them and their family to suffer again.  Life is about surviving.  And to call him out for not having empathy for others is a bit hypocritical bro.  I rarely see empathy from you and your ancap buddies.
    The law is shit, it's horrible with exception of a few parts such as those mentioned by NasaJoe.  However, it is and will continue to help some Americans out there and attacking them is just wrong, they didn't pass the law.  It is only logical to direct anger at those responsible.
  20. My anger is directed at the swine in charge and at the parasites that take advantage of it. I also wasn't condemning him for a lack of empath. I was condemning him for being a mooch. I'm not a rich man at all. In fact I'm what most people would consider poor. I would defiantly qualify for food stamps, welfare, housing and obamacare but I don't take any of those things because it is against my morals and believes and I'm no hypocrite. As far as empathy, I have plenty of empathy but not for those who would use the government to steal what little I do have.

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