Thought My Life Was Over Yesterday

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  1. Alright so I was high as fuck and my friend and I had just picked up a half o and we were hot boxing it on the way to my house. I was going like 3 over the speed limit but I normally go like 5 over and never get pulled over so I don't worry it. I was lighting a bowl and steering with my knee which I can do pretty good but I went over a solid white line a little bit when I did it and right when I did it I heard police sirens, looked in my rearview mirror and there was a cop on my ass. I pulled over and he kept going, he was after someone else but the timing of his sirens and me swerving made me think he was pulling me over for sure, I thought he might have seen me lighting the pipe too. This is the 4th time I thought for sure I was caught, but got away with it. So, is it worth the risk to smoke in your car? Because your fucked if you DO get pulled over. Anyone ever got pulled over high with weed and got away with it? I got in a fucking wreck with 2 gs of blue dream, 2 pipes, a grinder, and a lot of rillos (It would have been an MIP kuz I was 17 at the time) and as soon as we got in the wreck I said grab everything illegal and throw it in this bag. My friend that was with me walked off down the road acting like he was on the phone with his mom and dumped it, we went back that night and got it and smoked it. Sketchy shit, my luck is surely gonna run out one day:(:smoking::D
  2. If you do it's best to a smoke blunts IMO. The beauty of an L ride is that you can just pitch the thing if any asshole tries to pull you over and pray it doesn't smell bad (buy ozium)
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  4. Well uhh just try driving with 2 hands on the wheel so you dont swerve?
  5. Smoke in your car all you want. Just never carry anything in there you know?
  6. basically answered your own question

    don't be one of those guys who give stoners a bad reputation
  7. I smoke in my car everyday sometimes least than a hour before i stop threw a active police check point. I live on a military insulation that have federal military police with full aresst powers along with the authority to search my vehicle w/o consent. My main technique is have all illegal stuff stashed away and spray the car down with ozium. Then i wait a few minutes then i get like a black and mild or a djarum clove cigar and i hot box it with tobacco and go threw like that.
  8. The two times I've been pulled over with bud, I luckily was only smokin spliffs with nothing else in the car. The first time I got pulled over by a fucking undercover cop who stereotypically profiled me (my dumbass father had the bright idea of buying me a fuckin Cadillac Deville with tinted windows) he pulled me over then complained I didn't pull over fast enough(I honestly didn't see him we were goin down a hill and I couldn't see his punk ass dashboard light. Then he said it smelled like weed then made me and my friend get out the car and sit on the curb while his rookie partner seached my car. They ended up finding half the spliff( when I was gettin pulled over I put it in the ash tray instead of throwing it out) btw he also kept insisting I didn't stop because I was throwing stuff out the car. In the end he asked where I bought it(like ima tell him, I jus said I bought it around my way cuz I live on one of the most popular drug streets in Baltimore (for anyone who's seen the wire they modeled Amsterdam on the show after my street park heights). Anyway I also ended up educating the cop on what a spliff was(this is east coast so all ppl smoke are blunts) and he let me off but unwraveled the rest of the spliff(filled with the best purple haze I've ever had)
  9. having paraphernalia that cannot be readily concealed or disposed of is always a no go for me.
  10. No, obviously not. You've almost gotten caught four other times? And you still ask if you think it's worth it driving around with all that shit on you like a stupid child?

    Grow up man, you'll be regretting it while you're on reporting probation and taking piss tests every week standing next to your buddy johnny law.

    Seriously man, just smoke in your house, leave all that shit at home, and if you absolutely feel like you need to go smoke in your car, then do it with joints or blunts so that you can get rid of them before a cop can search you.

    And yes, he can search you if he thinks you're high. It's his word against yours.

    You've obviously never been caught before, because once you get caught, you're in the system for good. Think about it, especially if you live in a small town. It's a cops JOB to bust people for stuff, pull them over, and protect the city. They're obviously going to radio all of the other cars and say "hey, there's that red civic leaving from this guys house again, and they're driving the country roads and coming back, lets see what they're up to."

    Believe me man, it's their job, and that's exactly what they do. Don't be a fool man, smoke responsibly, and don't give us all a bad name.
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    it's a lot riskier to do it while you're actually driving than it is if you park somewhere low-key. but if you park someplace and the people there ask you not to smoke there, don't.

    to be honest, in my experience with police, as long as you're not bothering any civilians and you don't act like a dumbass they'll take it pretty easy on you.

    smoking WHILE you drive is pretty stupid, especially if it's not a blunt/joint/one of those one-hitters that looks like a cigarette.

    and I've been pulled over high as hell (with another drug I dont' think we can mention on here involved), and I just straightened up and spoke politely and the officer let me off with a warning. then the other time he said my car smelled like weed and he was being a fucking dick he just couldn't find the weed, my story added up and I was polite. so I got off again.

    but at the end of the day it's a lot smarter to walk and smoke, or smoke in your house. at the very least, park somewhere.
  12. Got pulled over by a cop for swerving and have weed in the back and unmentionables in my wallet. Talk about thinking your life is over.
  13. Had a grinder and t-boned a pregnant woman who was baby sitting a kid without my license or insurance.
    Didn't get fucked though and no one was hurt!
  14. Had a grinder and t-boned a pregnant woman who was baby sitting a kid without my license or insurance.
    Didn't get fucked though and no one was hurt!
  15. If your gonna smoke and you live in a state where you go to jail. Just smoke papers. Don't roll around with a half and don't use a bowl to smoke while driving.. But I am guilty from smoking out of a pipe a few times while driving. Although I get my buddy to grab the wheel lol

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