Thought I was fucked.

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  1. Alright so yesterday me and my friend blazed up in this huge parking lot for a Macy's, smoked 3 bowls of orange kush from his blubber then walked across the street to Papaginos to get a large cheese pizza, when we were smoking my radar detector detected a cop running radar on the road next to us and we watched him drive by, no biggie. But then once we were inside ordering our pizza a cop drove by and then another one and both parked in the Papaginos parking lot, scaring the fuck out of my bro and I. we thought some one must have called and we were gonna get fucked, but my friend said to relax we were fine. So after 10 minutes of him being on the phone two cops walk into Papaginos and order a pizza... My friend and I just laughed we were literally 2 tables away stoned as fuck eating pizza next to these cops, it was funny as hell now that i think of it.
  2. tbh, most cops dont give a fuck about a couple stoners eating pizza. that said, i wouldve got sketched out too lol
  3. hah yeah I probably would have tweaked a little.

    pizza is the shit when you're stoned! :smoking:
  4. I don't see why you bolded that...
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    Because radar detectors work off of line of sight, in other words a straight line.
    However if the road was parallel, with little to no real obstructions it could be possible to be picked up. Now LIDAR can work on an angle so once again it's possible the OP caught a signal.

    It's entirely possible.

    Now I want pizza....
  6. Lol i don't get how you guys get sketched out over that stuff man, just a cop, there around, they're supposed to be around it's their jobs lol. As long as you didn't have shit on you you were 100% fine, cause they aren't searching any of my cars with out a warrant ill tell you that! And when they threaten me with the dogs 95% of the time their lieing, ill let them waste time and money.
  7. Everytime a police officer from the next town over drives by, [I work in that town] their cars reek of pot. It makes me want to jump into their car and confiscate their confiscated stash. :p
  8. Actually I have a radar detector that runs 360 degrees around my car which I purchased for $40
  9. I haven't owned one in at least 15 years, so I'm sure there have been advancements. Is that on all bands? What about LIDAR and Laser? I don't plan on getting one for me, but I have a teen who is learning to drive. I'm realistic, he will speed so I don't want the tickets coming back to bite me in the ass with my auto insurance.

  10. Mine was $450..
  11. What brand and model? $450 is a hell of a lot cheaper than the insurance hike if he gets pulled and ticketed.
  12. Holy smokes Police eat pizza too???

    I thought they were motherfucken robots!
  13. I would've been sketched to, but this is coming from a guy who got sketched by a caution sign in a park lmfao.
  14. Valentine One.

    I have a Valentine One that is over 10 years old and it can still detect instant on lidar and lasers.
  15. Thanks man, I appreciate it.
  16. pigs man, they're pigs

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