Thought about getting a vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by thatdopekid, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Would you suggest the launch box, or just a glass piece? Like a bong or something
    It's kind of hard to compare the MFLB vape to a regular bong. It's more of a question of do you want a vaporizer or a bong :) - Are you looking to vape for health reasons, stealth, portability as those are factors I'd consider. You can take care of your question and just buy a MFLB for when you want to vape and a bong for when you want... well a bong rip lol.
    Being the MFLB is very affordable and actually works pretty damn good for what it is (like Iwein said, there is a little learning curve to it) but it's one you will learn quickly. Only other thing I could think of is grabbing the MFLB bong attachment which would let you vape with the magic flight while attached to a bong; not the most practical way to vape but it does work nicely.
    Take it easy, peece.
  3. Ive never really used a vaporizer, so i was wanting to know. Does it get you higher? I just took a month long t-break and have only smoked 4 times since. So would it get me really high or would it be better to just pick up a decent glass spoon?
  4. Get two mflbs for $150 thanks to the valentines day speciala

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  5. Arizer Solo. Expensive but effective!
  6. I was looking at the ariser but i think it looks kinda big. The mflb is much smaller isn't it? And I saw the ariser has a warm up time on it. So would it be better to get the mflb?
  7. mflb is more like a one-hitter. for one battery charge, you can do 2-3 trenches if you pack lightly. so either have stronger batteries to spare with you (let's say going out)... 
    mflb works and it's a crafty little vape. for that price you might as well own the piece of vape history.
    that being said i think there are more modern and improved personal vapes as said above.
  8. I actually ordered one last night. This is going to be my first vape also I have been wanting to buy one but finally decided to commit to one of the cheaper ones and that one I've heard good things about. Hopefully it doesn't suck and if i love it i'll definitely upgrade in the future.
  9. @[member="Kris Benwa"] when you get it let me know if its worth the purchase. I get paid next week and was thinking about getting the mflb but im not committed yet.
  10. The MFLB was my first portable vape I bought when it first came out. You can't beat it for the price and it'll surprise you on how good the thing is for looking like a wood box you'd make in woodshop lol. They make a few accessories for it also which are pretty neat depending on your personal preference.
    The bong attachment does work nice but I don't suggest you rig it up if your on the go & need portability/stealth. I do love the AC power adapter that you plug into a outlet (when using at home for a quick session) giving you full control of the battery strength without draining your batteries that you can save for when on the go.
    Good luck with yours, I'm pretty confident you will be satisfied with everything... [SIZE=11pt]especially [/SIZE]for what you paid.
    Peece out cub scout.
  11. The mflb pretty sick it gets you baked and conserves alot of weed and if you dont hit it for like 20 seconds at a time the batterys last a good bit but i would say if you buy it buy some high discharge batterys for it and carrie extra on hand.The taste is good and you can pack a decent amount in it for your first vape i would say go for it and it is also very protable and discreet.
  12. What does it do though, like heat the green up till the thc comes out basically?
  13. Would local headshops carry them? I dont want to have it mailed cause i still live with my parents and if they got it before i did it'd be terrible.
  14. Thanks man I'm hoping it works out I'm pretty excited about it.

    To the OP I will let you know how i feel about it etc when it gets here
  15. Yeah some do my LHS sells them for $130 so $30 markup...and I enjoyed my launch box for a while nice little portable vape, not as good as a good solid home unit but good for a portable...just recently got the Pax which I am really enjoying
  16. Ill have to check into it, my LHS is like 30 minutes away so ill have to check or call them

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  17. arizer solo best $150 i ever spent

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