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thou hast been inkethed!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, May 30, 2003.

  1. well... maybe not... but i was :D i got my second tattoo yesterday... and i got it in one of the most painful spots. if ya wanna get an idea as to where it's located... take your finger and find that big bump at the bottom of your neck. the bottom of my tattoo is on the next one up from there (i got a tribal cross). my friend's got a digi cam so i'm gonna try to get some pics of it, and also my first one (on my left shoulder blade).

    it hurt like hell though. when she was filling in the bottom it covered the whole bone... felt like i was getting the tattoo on the bone itself. lol. it's not too big... it stops just before my hairline and goes to just above my colar (maybe about 4.5" or so high??). i can't wait to get some pics of it... and for it to stop feeling like someone hit me in the neck with a hammer, LOL.
  2. lol, sweet
    interestin place to get it, bet it dont hurt as bad as another certain spot you can get a

    post pics asap!
  3. im thinking about getting a tatoo on either my shoulder blade or my upper arm,do you have one in either of those spots?if you do how bad did it hurt getting it put on?
  4. i love you ganja mom, your so fucking cool
  5. haha so someone finally said what we were all thinkin!
  6. lol

    so true :)

    Any adult who can grasp the fact that weed isnt a evil product of crackadicts, is so fucking cool ;)
  7. i got one on my left shoulder blade. it hurt like hell! but was nothing in comparison to my neck. i tried getting ahold of my friend yesterday but he was at a concert, so i'm gonna try to get ahold of him a little later today and see if he'll take some pics for me.

    for a comparison as to what your shoulderblade will feel like... imagine having someone draw on you with a razor blade... that's about what it's gonna feel like.

  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I have virgin skin thinking of getting some ink. And I've been told that basically the more muscle and nerves in the area that you get inked, the more it's going to hurt. Or knobby bones for the matter. LAMO!!!
  9. from what i hear your bicep/shoulder (not the shoulderblade) doesn't hurt too much. it depends on how much padding you have. the more bone (which is the case with me) the more pain.

    EDIT: i got the pics taken... he's still gotta get 'em from his camera to his computer and then e-mail 'em to me. i should get to post 'em sometime tomorrow or sunday.

    also... word of advice... if ya get a new tattoo... don't go in the sun a lot. i made the mistake of getting mine before it got all sunny out (forgetting i work outside all day) and got a wicked sunburn on my neck... which just so happens to be the place of my less than 48 hour old ink :( OUCH! lol. oh well. i get to sit inside all weekend and let it heal.

  10. i dunno... depending on where ya get the tattoo and how big it is... it might come close.

    btw, gangamom... i like your design. that would look pretty phatty on a shoulderblade :D
  11. if you go with the one on that pic be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. mine was simple and cost $130. if you went to the same place i did you'd probably pay about $300 for that. maybe more (because of all the details). ask around though. show different people the design and get some prices. ya might find someone who's willing to do it for cheap :D
  12. My second tat pictured here: , took six hours and for the first 4 there was almost no pain at all. The last 2 hours were spent doing the white,yellow, and orange parts, which by that time were completely surrounded by hamburger. Needless to say the final 2 hours hurt quite a bit. Usually a tat this large would be done in stages, but the guy really got into doing it so he asked if I could handle it all at once.

    As far as price goes, you tend to get what you pay for, mine was under-priced on the wall so it was cheaper than it should've been. I gave the guy a sizable tip and he is offering me a discount on my next one. It pays to be generous.

    Cottons, I suggest you use 45 SPF sunblock as soon as it heals if you work in the sun. I've seen some lovely tats turn to shit from being exposed too much.
  13. I have one on the back of my neck and it hurt like hell for 2's a yinyang encased in black flames....Mr D and I have the same tat in the same em about 3 years's the only professional opne I have, the rest were done with a homemade gun or thread and needle...

    I have 5 altogether....

    both ankles, a cross on one with "Believe" and a dolphin on the other...not very painful til you get near the bone...

    my middle finger, a heart....didn't hurt at all

    under my eye, a teardrop....swelled really bad, but still didn't hurt as much as my neck....(and no, I am not in a gang and I didn't kill anyone.....yet)

    and I want about 5 more! I love tats....!!!!

    MrD has 19 I think.....guess it's time to count em again....
  14. i took a few quick pics with my crappy webcam.....

    Attached Files:

  15. I can't agree more with the other guy YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! With tat''s a permanent part of your body, I was dumb and 15 when I did 3 of mine, was dumb enough to let a friend "touch up" one and the one on my neck I paid 80 bucks for and my husband had to fix it. Sometimes it's worth a little more money to benefit from an experienced ink slinger.

    I still have to have work done on both my ankles to fix them, and if my ole man doesn't do it then I will go to Artistic Armor here in Tampa....

    Usually when you go for a tat they should have a book of photo's that the artist you want to do yours has his work in. Just make sure it's his work and not something he clepto'd.

    And he's right about the sun, not only will it hurt, but if he burned bad enough to peel it can seriously damage his tat and blur out the lines....keep a bandage on it til the scab peels off is what I was told to hubby works out in the sun too and I just covered his with gauze and medical tape.
    He works outside all day every day, he doesn't wear sunblock because he sweats it off, but after they healed I haven't seen any damage just from daily exposure. But he's thick skinned ;)
  16. yeah, i got all weekend to let it heal from the sun. it's solid black (it being a tribal cross and all) so i'm not too worried about damage. plus the lady told me to come back the end of july (when she returns from God knows where) for a free touchup if needed.

    the lady who did mine was an award winning artist. her portfolio was amazing. i'd definately recommend her to anyone who's thinking of getting one in the Philly area.
  17. word of mouth is the best advertisment for a tat artist anyways ;)

    always go with someone who is personally recommended...especially if they have a sample you can look at :D
  18. im thinking about getting a tatoo on either my shoulder blade or my upper arm,do you have one in either of those spots?if you do how bad did it hurt getting it put on?

    I have two tattoos, and I must say that neither hurt as much as everyone says. Granted, everyone handles pain differently, but the more worked up you get, the more it will hurt. It's very addicting, but it's such a wonderful way to express yourself! Just don't worry too much about the pain; seriously, it's not bad at all! Keep us posted!
  19. I'm thinking about getting my avatar tattooed between my shoulder blades right below my neck....I don't know yet, but I'd like to do that. Also, I want to get the tattoo on my hand's a lady bug, but only in black...I want to get it colored in a fixed up a bit. People always think it's an eyeball :mad:

  20. No offense man, but it's a needle being stabbed repeatedly into your thousands of times....IT ALL HURTS!

    Expect blood, swelling and the best way to describe the healing is like having road rash....

    If you expect to get a tatoo with NO pain, you're going to be in for a shock no matter what part of the body you get it on....

    when they are done it is an open bloody wound...and if you drink in the days before the tat you will bleed A LOT more....

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