Those who want to argue, debate me!

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TheJourney, May 13, 2011.

  1. Some of you on here enjoy arguing, and trying to disprove others. You people pride yourselves as being wiser or knowing more than others. You're the same ones who say that one should be able to defend his positions logically.

    I'm gonna go ahead and make the claim that none of you can defeat me in a logical debate. But, you are the ones who say that I am illogical, and foolish. So, here is your opportunity to expose my supposed foolishness. If you are so smart, and I am so foolish, you should have a very easy time exposing me. I think the opposite is true. I think I'll have a fairly easy time exposing you.

    Prove me wrong :p
  2. debate about what exactly?
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    The fact that you would make a thread just to try and prove that you are smarter than everyone else is enough proof of how foolish you are
  4. Its not about the journey. Its about the end.
  5. just before anyone tries, you can't beat thejourney in an argument, he is the zen master.
  6. I do not want to argue, as I have said over and over. However, there are many people who will not give it up. So here is their opportunity.

    I will argue about any topic, really. I make no claims, and have no point to prove, so I really don't care what we debate.

  7. I not saying anything ;)
  8. I would argue that there is no absolute end, and that one should enjoy the present moment as it pertains to his journey, as opposed to simply a means to an end, as if you currently do not have that which you desire, and you come up with a means to obtain it, you cannot obtain it unless the means self-destructs, unless you concede that the means/journey really is the end.
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    You obviously do want to argue if you would make a thread asking people to argue with you. And if you have no point to prove then whats the point of arguing.

  10. /thread
  11. damn...the secrets out...;)
  12. There is no point to arguing. If you were to read my posts, you would see I am constantly striving for peace and for an end to negativity and arguments.

    There are people who love nothing more than arguing and disproving others, though. These are the same people who say my "position" is illogical, and that they are the logical ones, in their negativity and desire to argue. This is their opportunity to argue. If I had my way, there would be no negativity or arguing, superiority or inferiority.
  13. Logical debate skills are critical to the legalization movement imho. Good idea. i will play devil's advocate sometimes, but always call it when i do it.

    i'm sure you'll have a busy thread that will go on for awhile if people can avoid Ad Hominem attacks.
  14. That's what Mari-J does 4 you:smoke:
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    I wont argue with you because i agree with your resolve, but your actions and what you preach are contradictory.
  16. Mind reader. :rolleyes:
  17. If you want, see my other posts. I have been doing everything in my power to put an end to it all, yet some will not give it up.

    Perhaps this can be the argument to end all arguments ;)
  18. There is most certainly an end. One day, you and I, will be in the ground. Game over. I hope you spent your days well as I know I have tried to every day I wake up.

  19. what if he gets cremated. :eek:

  20. Then his ashes will still probably find there way into the ground.

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