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  1. In recent years, more and more games started with a P2P system have switched to F2P, such as Lord of the Rings Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Age of Conan, Lineage II, DC Universe Online, Aion Online etc. Since I am a poor student, I have already played some of them. Below is my three favourite p2p to f2p MMOs.

    1. AION. The most up to date MMO to move from p2p to f2p. When logged back to test my f2p account, I had that feeling of a classic old game still with faster combat, wonderful graphics, character fun fly with glide functions, and so on. It really deserves to be my Top 3 games. And it is pretty awesome that there is no monthly subscription fee, no charges for registration and client, complete and playable storyline with so many quests, character development up to level 55 possible, etc. And according to the recent announcement, Aion UA will go F2P as well and some new nice features will be added into the new update 3.0. I think it is a great opportunity for Aion to bring back many old players .

    Official site:

    2.Lord of the Rings Online. Made after the awesome book and film, it is a great game with classically styled over the battles, haunting music, beautiful graphics etc. And it proved the truth that P2P to F2P was definitely not a bad idea for game companies. As far as I know, after moving to the F2P model, it got a huge boost in player base population and also got the revenue increase by duplicated. I was not surprised of its huge success at all. It is one of the best classic MMOs on the market. Why not enter it if it is free?
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    3. Age of Conan. A great F2P MMORPG with a ton of content. As well as LOTRO, Age of Conan saw 300,000 sign up after free-to-play switch, and got double revenue in first month. It once again proved that the F2P model was a great choice nowadays. It is really sweet that the magnificent world of Hyboria is free for all players to adventure in. I do enjoy the game for the most part. Because compared to other similar games, it is unchained and the grinding is kept to a minimumsuch.

  2. I had no idea RO2 was free now
  3. It is free now, but I won't play it.
  4. dcuo went f2p too
  5. world of warcraft > mmos
  6. Yep, i have mentioned it.
    What about your favourite P2P to F2P mmos?
  7. Wow is awesome, but currently i wanna try some f2p mmos.
    What about your list?
  8. Try Fallen Earth. I played it in beta but didn't sub, however it could be your game. It's different from the common fantasy mmo though.
  9. didnt want to make a new thread for this. but does anyone know any really solid single player games such as the stalker series?

  10. LOTRO is pretty fun, a bit slow though. I'm hoping Warhammer Online joins this list soon...
  11. if anyones looking for a new fps or third person shooter like "tribes ascend" on facebook and get the beta. loads of fun. and it will be free for full release
  12. F2P is cool as long as its not limiting to those that choose to play for free. If a game lets you play free up to a certain point, but then asks for money to continue, it's bad. If a game sells gear, or the like, that boosts a players stats above that that is achievable playing for free, it's bad. If a game limits the amount of time you can play unless you pay for more time, its bad.

    On the flip side. If a game is F2P and keeps all people on the same level, but charges for cosmetics and advanced customization, it's good. If a game keeps everything fair and even, but offers the option to boost xp or money gains for a price, it's good.

    There are a lot of good F2P models out there, but people need to remember that nothing is free. These companies still want to make money. They are hoping to play off of people's compulsive behavior. As long as you keep a level head though, you should be fine. Don't do like a friend of mine and spend $18,000+ on a game.

    I, for one, have never spent money on a F2P game. That's not I say that I would never do that. I have just yet to see something worth spending money on in a F2P game. I have, though, spent money on P2P games that I regret. Like the time I inadvertently paid for a friends wow account for a year. Or more recently, paying for SWTOR although I haven't logged in for a month now.
  13. I am trying dragon nest when I don't play wow and it's kinda fun. :)
  14. Vanguard is going Free to Play. I might try that out. I bought Vanguard years ago but never subbed long term. The world looks cool in screen shots and I hear the crafting good. I think it goes f2p in the summer
  15. Guild wars!

    Although technically, you need to buy it first...but after that!

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