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  1. I highly suggest you see this movie its fucking badass. The action in it is great and there is a lot of funny scenes. From the beginning to end this movie does not disappoint, I was a little skeptical at first to go see it but I'm glad I did its up there with my top 10 fav movies.

    Anyone else enjoy this movie as much as I did?
  2. Thor is a nice flick !!!!! i will suggest you to not watch it in 3D!!!3D is not that good in fact the movie is good but 3D is pathetic!!!!!!!!
  3. Awesome movie. Both the parts on Asgard and on Midgard/Earth are equally great. Really good sense of humour in the movie too. "I need a horse!". Awesome acting all around too and great character development over the movie for both Thor and Loki. Jeremy Renner looks, acts and sounds perfect for Hawkeye.
  4. I have it but I didn't watch it yet. Maybe later.

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