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Discussion in 'General' started by BONGGG, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. "I'm watching the old batman right now on TV LAND!!!! wow omg they're fighting BOW kapaam lol this is so fun to watch omg lol wham! noo the penguin has him! and the guys are all named in a organization called g.o.o.n and its in white letters on their shirt lol nooo now they have batman trapped and the penguin is gonna boil them alive!!! his nose is so fake lol oh wait no its sulfuric acid!!! lol!!hahahahahahaha lol are they gonna escape?? HOLY BATGRAVES! LOL an acid bubble bath for batman and robin!! what a way to lose an election!! Batman, don't just lie t here! Do something! Whatever you do, dont miss tomorrows bubbling finish! same time sam BAT CHANNEL HAHAHAA OMG IRTS OVER!! **** (edited by me) im angry lol"

    That is a copy and paste from my friends IM after he said I owed him $10 bucks so I let him smoke some of my finest hydro. As you can see above, that is the result. Ahhh now to return to my Torengos.. yummy :-D

  2. lol.

  4. im gonna go cry, brb

  5. i did not need to see that...i want my 2 minutes of my life back i wasted reading this thread

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