This years first 4:20

Discussion in 'General' started by TwiztidStoner94, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. What was everybody doing during the first 4:20 of 2013
  2. In about a hour it will be 420am and you know I'm smoking if I'm still awake
  3. It's 455 in California I was smoking out of a bong on 420
  4. I was sleeping:rolleyes:
    Happy New Year everyone
  5. i already had a wake and bake, happy new year
  6. I have been sick on the couch since christmas eve.. I dont know how my holidays could have gotten any worse. So, I was sleeping.
  7. Throwing up into a bin filled with holes. Happy 420 people.
  8. I was driving home from some girls house, I woke up in her bed. I must of passed out for about an hour.. But I remember looking at the clock driving home.
  9. Made sure I was getting high on the first 4:20 of the year :D
  10. I had either just eaten my last edible for the night (double hash chocolate moose pops), or I was just about to, and to be honest... we were in the middle of a round of Counter Strike zombies. :eek: :p
  11. I was out cold
  12. I was to stoned to remember its 420 :ap
  13. I was pretty high at 4 20, and decided to catch a few hours of sleep...and I did...
    Got a lil dank for the second 4 20 too
  14. probably gonna smoke weed
  15. I'm sick too, but that sucks major Jupiter sized balls.
  16. i was drinking a beer trying out black ops 2 for the first time

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