This wont hit.. why???

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  1. Ya so made this little homemade bong let me know why it wont hit.


    Uploaded with

  2. because the stem isn't airtight and doesn't angle down to the water on the main tube?
  3. Yeah the water down there is pointless if there's no smoke going through it. Compare it to a normal bong dude.
  4. This.
    You might as well hit it from the tube on your ashcatcher.
  5. how could i close a hole that i already put in the bottle
  6. Dude... Really?...

    Well, just take the "second chamber" off. Just suck out of the pen (im assuming it's a pen) and use it as a bubbler. Then it will actually hit.
  7. Make a hole so the downstem goes through the water. Use the hole on the side as a carb. How can you own a slide and not know how to make a bong?
  8. [​IMG]

    Or, buy a small glass bong.
  9. EXACTLY what i was thinking.
  10. You can use the hole as a carb.
  11. is that a mini mag lite for the downstem/bowl?... lol :cool:
  12. nope a crayola marker with electrical tape
  13. ... A crayon? My guess would be its not hitting because smoke can't travel through a crayon, but maybe that's just me.

    Edit - Or my second guess is I read marker as crayon, and the marker is actually a hollow tube, which at that point I'd go back to the "actually sticking it in the vagImeanwater* point brought up earlier. And if it is indeed an actual marker, not hollowed, read my original point with marker substituted for crayon.
  14. Just use the bubbler part.

    no hate man, but if you cant figure a bong out I wouldnt be smoking weed.
  15. id throw it away and start again, or just buy an acrylic bong there quite cheap.

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