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This weeks' Rant!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. What has pissed off the BPP now??!!??!!

    Channel 277 on Direct TV. That's the Travel Channel for those not in the know. While watching TV, which I do VERY SELDOM, I came across a show titled "Red Light Amsterdam"

    FINALLY, a show on Tv that catches my interest. Well I was dead fucking wrong. After watching what seemed like 3 hours on tulips, wooden shoes, windmills, dikes, canals Heineken beer I was wondering what they meant by red light district. Then the show goes to prostitution. Alright now were talking. But then the show talks about transvetite hookers at a government sponsored parking lot. YUCK!!

    Then we go to the Window brothels, That's fine I enjoyed looking at this segment and listening to the interview until they introduce all the window dressing girls as ...... GERMANS!! Hell what is going on here??? We are in Amsterdam, not Munich. These are still German hookers, just working in Amsterdam.

    BUT then here comes my big pisser.. They intro up the coffeeshops and go to commercial. A quick hit out the back door and back in time. They show about 2 seconds of the Bulldog, another outside shot of Mellow Yellow, a couple more shots out a car window of another coffeeshop. Then they go into a speech about how the Dutch government "allows peddling of soft drugs in hopes of easing addicts from harder drugs liek heroin" Fucking H???!!!???? this segment is supposed to be about buying weed. Then the show explains that selling MJ is legal but growing, buying, and smoking is still illegal. Now Woody, SJ, Keys, Ono I thought the USA was fucked up in the legal department but you have us beat. You can go in to the store but you have to make the request, no waiters or service. I still haven't clued into this yet.

    And then after about 1 minute of the weed segment, the show finishes up with fifteen minutes of these guys playing hand cranked organs in the city parks of Amsterdam!

    If I wasn't stoned, i probably would have pulled an Elvis and shot the TV.

    Thanks for listening to this latest rant! I'm going to b travelling so I'll see you when I get back!!

  2. hey man, i saw that last night at about 10pm on the travel channel. why the fuck were they putting down the coffeee shops. i would say thats one of the biggest tourist atractions there. i mean, who gives a fuck about wooden shoes and windmills, no offense to anyone who lives there. but still it pissed me off that it as so long and only had like 2 min about coffee shops.most of it was pretty boring, i remember some thing about a place where they keep leppers? i dunno, pretty crappy program though.
  3. did you happen to catch what company is responsible for that particular program? Is it owned by Americans?

    Here is my take.... The cry to keep marijuana illegal is coming from the uninformed few, who just so happen to control the messages that we recieve in the media. They personally do not want weed legal, for whatever reason, and they manifest their beliefs onto people in an effort to bring our way of thinking in line with theirs.

    The shows producer/director/creator/host/owner/ect. more than likely was trying to make the point against legalization, because they have some personal issues in that regard. With the increased volume of movement for legalization, these opponants see their version of the world slipping away. They are taking everything personal, and therefore are trying their darndest to hold on to what they perceive to be right.

    Our first rule in life should be to trust ourselves above any other on this earth. Instead of believing everything that we are told, we should be of the mind that everything should be thought upon before an opinion is formed. We are so use to making snap judgements, and assumptions that we have gotten to the point where we take those assumptions as truth, and not as the opinions that they really are.

    Everything stated by me here is MY opinion. It is not the truth of the matter, nor am I attempting to justify the one sided action of the show you and BBP saw. I am simply giving my 3 1/2 cents to the understanding of human nature.

    With love and respect,
  4. lmao, glad it aint jus' me.
    that whole thing sucks so bad that ya jus gotta smile at the irony.

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