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  1. You can't create/destroy matter. We are made of atoms. The atoms have come together in such a specific configuration to give life. But before that we all existed, but not together as a human body.

    We've all been "around" the universe for BILLIONS of years.

  2. We are the children of stars
  3. Yes sir, every subatomic piece of you was once apart of our sun, maybe the egyptians weren't so crazy to worship it after all!
  4. Honestly, idk how we got here, I just want to know what is outside of the known universe. And time travel, of course.
  5. And we will all exist forever.
  6. Time travel would be the shit, can you imagine goin to like the Jurassic period high as hell riding Pterodactyls. I'd have to be banned from going back in time though, I'd probably fuck up the space time continuum or somethin.

  7. That's not true, and not what BlowTreeAllDay meant if you were referring to his post. Our star has yet to spread its particles across the universe, as it's still in its early stages. It wont be another 6 billion years until our sun explodes across the cosmos. However, the universe is not young, and stars have come and gone many times. The particles by those suns have collected, forming small rocks, which later form into large rocks and gradually collect into what will become a planet one day.

    Time travel is said to already be possible, but not in ways that you probably fantasize about (we all do). When approaching speeds that are close to that of the speed of light, time itself will slow down in order to keep you from going faster than light, while time elsewhere will continue at its own pace (think one year travel being ten at home). Also, know that you can't travel faster than light because traveling at near light speed would increase your mass relative to your velocity, and once you reach the speed of light, your mass becomes infinite. Because of this, you would be constricted from going any faster because to increase your velocity you need energy, and something with infinite mass would requite infinite energy (which isn't available).

    Wow. Hope some of you learned something new. =]
  8. And yet, all of that is a theory an idea. Along with all of math and other sciences :smoke:
  9. [​IMG]

  10. That means like the flash you can pull off infinite mass punches! Thats only of course if you have a connection to the speed force...a dimension of pure energy.
  11. I believe there is a higher being who created mankind, our body and mind is too advanced and perfect to be an accident. Everything that we need to survive is either on the earth or in our bodies. Some might say its a coincidence?

  12. looks like someone was watching the steven hawkings show on the discovery channel lol
  13. the thing is, it sort of was an accident when you think aboot it. the reason why everything we need to survive is on earth is because mankind was developed around all the materials of earth. (dont know if i made sense. let me try and explain meself). first of the reason why life could have evolved on earth is because the conditions were perfect for this type of life(i say type of life because who knows what other life is out there that does not depend on oxygen or other shit like that). second, since life was created with the resources of earth its obvious were gonna depend on it and on it only cuz every other world is different and doesn't have the same resources thats why it may seem like a coincidence... and third the reason were so advanced is because of evolution but thats another topic....

    all in all im not sayin you're wrong, im just pointin out what i think about our type of life being a coincidence.... and im pretty baked:smoke:
  14. That would be tight that after you die its like some sort of right of passage to create your own world and you can conrtol the people and shirt sorta like Age of empires and shit excdpt yu can change climate and shit and evolve the civalization and natural diasasters and shit happen so we have no cluw wtf is going on mane gucci.
  15. or sorta like sim city...
  16. This guy speaks thruth. You have an impressive insight on life friend :) didnt know other people had realised this.
  17. Not our sun, but other stars
  18. The progress from the "broth" that covered the earth after its formation to humans is one that may have actually been able to occur but it took a loooooooooooooooooooooong fucking time. since the universe is infinitely large there may be other life 2833232322312*3423292198^273233232 miles away that we have no way of knowing is there. maybe not life exactly as it is here but some form of it, maybe nitrogen based, very plausible.
  19. That's fucking awesome thinking mayne.

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