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Discussion in 'General' started by heavy hitter, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. well as u all kno today is 4:20

    and yester day i went into my room to get my stash (bubbler, 10g of beaster 2 pipes, papers, and blunt wraps) to have it redy for today.

    i reach my hand into my hiding spot and it was all gone,

    my parents took my 10g of beaster, my bubbler, my pipes, my papers and wraps, and they even took my fucking lighters.....

    they just threw it all in the garbage thinking i wouldent look for it, i went into my garage and found all of my shit execpt for my pot.....

    they flushed all of it

    i was soo pissed off cuz i had that beaster saved for today, so i had 2.5 bux left and i got 3g of biltz for it cuz my dealer felt sorry for me

    im happy i got my stuff back but i could of killed my parents for it..

    have any of your parents done somthing this stupid?? haha

    happy 4:20 everyone !!!!!
  2. Damn 10 g's dow the drain. Your parents must have realized the significance of today. At least you got free shit. Blaze away!!!
    Happy 420! :smoke:
  3. Listen bro you need to confront those oppressive nazi-like faschists with a good old father son talk.

    Let them know where you stand and tell them that you understand they found your shit and that you will not bring it into their home again.

    See how they react to that and then if they are proud of you for telling them what they need to hear.

    They will commend you for your willingness to communicate about "their" problem, and then simply say that you will make an effort to cut back on it to really hit a home run.

    Hope they do not put you into a rehab center for heroin addicts and coke heads.

    Just dont tell them you are german.;)
  4. I hate parents that act on signs like that... uh oh, on the radio I heard that today is National Pot Smoking Day... I better go RAPE my sons room and revoke is basic human rights of privacy which don't exist anyways! When I was in Junior High and I wanted to go out or something my parents would always try to keep me at home at 4:20 and shit like that.

    They look at all those stupid bullshit "signs". Like... say I was broke, or maybe I lost something they'd be like AHH!!! YOU SPENT ALL YOUR MONEY ON DRUGS AND NOW YOU'RE SELLING YOUR CLOTHES TO FINANCE YOUR MARIJUANA ADDICTION!!! NEXT THING YOU'LL BE SELLING DRUGS AND GO TO JAIL AHHH!!! WE HAVE TO SEND YOU TO REHAB WHERE THEY RAPE YOUR FACE UTAH!!!!! We love you son...

    Not to be an ass, being a parent is a hard thing but honestly... some need to learn to respect their kids and treat them like the human beings that they are.
  5. yo you gotta tell them how much that shit is worth and if they want you to stop, tell them to pay up
  6. Hide your shit a little better.
  7. it was hid pretty well

    but my lil bro always goes in there to look at my shit and he left it open

    i tell him to stay the fuck out of there

    so i made him pay up cuz he left it open

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