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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Somebody welcome me to this forum since its my first post here. I hope I can keep this nice so I don't get modded out *wink,wink*

    check this music fest line-up and tell me what you think

    Saturday night at the rock stage will be decent and the Bonnie Raitt show will make Momma happy, but that's about it for $30 a ticket.

    That just fucking sucks!

    Oops I said a dirty word, I hope the mod can fix it!

  2. I know you like music, and are "fairly opinionated" LOL, so I'm suprised it's taken ya so long to check out the music forum!!

    The mod for the music forum is kinda laid back ( and waaaaaay cool ), so you shouldn't face too large a penalty for your pottymouth comments. lmao! :hippie:

    Hey ganjaphish, might I suggest the old "wash your mouth out with soap" penalty!!! LMAO!! :smoking:
  3. LOL
    Sorry BPP I just *had* to do it :D In jest, of course. If you think I overstepped myself by all means let me know & I'll change it back to "fucking" because I use that word alot in my vocabulary and it doesn't bug me one bit.

    Thanx for lettin me test on you! Now I'll have to go swear in YOUR forums :p~

    BTW that festival looks like it's going to rock your socks off. I don't know all the bands, but the Blues Travelers alone are awesome & the ones I do recognize will also kick much ass...
    Wait a fluffing minute, do I see STYX on the line-up? Rock on!
    Wish I could go but Phishheads' parents are going to be here & we're most likely going to take them to a Trey show (lead singer of Phish).

    Hope you have fun & if ya had a problem of me moddin' ya just shout it out & I'll change it back ;)
    God do I sound like a pushover?
    xo to the both of ya I love ya dearly~
  4. I couldn't do it, I felt bad and changed it back. Am I a wuss? or just a dork?
  5. Da da da DAAAAA!! SUPERDORK!!!!!!! :wave:
  6. My first post in here was where to download mp3s...I'm surprised you held out this long Big Poppa!

    I was gonna do a poll in here a while ago...
  7. Yeah we signed another "Rock" act. The actor Dennis Quaid is bringing his band to open up for Styxx. This music fest justs keep getting better and better. I just wish there was someway that i could show my sarcasm on the net.

    A freaking actor! The only reason they signed him was because he was a cheap act and he is an actor. I can't wait to go, $60 admission, $5 warm beers, and about a million cops on the look -out for terrorist. Another great weekend!

    BTW Ganja, i kept this clean so you wouldn't have to mod me again. Wink-wink
  8. *phew* i felt like such a loser after that one but that's natural for me so i had a good time with it ;)

    hey yanno, i am not big on styxx but that "sail away" song gets me rockin' everytime, call me a cheeseball but i'd probably be belting it out louder than the old dudes on the stage ;)

    i didn't notice the $60 admission, boooooo!! what is up with festivals/concerts costing SO MUCH these days? i remember when tickets for concerts were EXPENSIVE at $25, and now that's unheard of!

    hope ya have fun, BPP are you going to shell out that $$??

    "come sail away, come sail away come SAIL AWAY WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEE"
    ah see now i'm all giddy again :D

  9. $30 a head, $60 for me and the missus. kids ten and under free. Hot beer = $5 a can.

    Blues Traveller, and my favorite band of the line-up Blues old Stand, had better be worth the price of admission
  10. Right on, I hope they make it worth your while. Have a good time!
  11. Pardon me for bringing up something that seems to have been already resolved....... but

    What's up bpp? We've had potty mouths here since day 1.

    I can't imagine anybody having a problem with that per se. (Of course, unless you were directing those words in a naughty manner to another member)

    If you don't feel things are right you can PM me and I can see what's up. I know there are others here who would be glad to help, but I thought I'd offer.

    Don't want anybody unduly pissed the FUCK off around here. ;)
  12. fuckin a budburner :D
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  13. its an inside joke with me and ganjaphish, not to piss you off or anything.

    We had a discussion about not editing anybodys post since becoming mods, so I gave her an opportunity to mod some bad language.
  14. That's fuckin fucked man. Don't edit the fuckin posts for fuckin language. fuck.
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  15. Son of a fucking bitch! How can you fucking motherfuckers just fuck around with such fuckin harsh language. Jesus Christ, I have half a fuckin mind to take a fuckin shit on your house and fuck every member of your family with a fuckin knife dildo! Godamnit, what a bunch of fuckin cunts! FUCK! Godamned assholes and your fucking cock-sucking ways. Douschebags....

    (and yes, it's okay with me if you delete this post. Or maybe it would be cooler to put a big black CENSORED bar on it ;))
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  16. as an appology for that post, you may have this image i quickly threw together that i am hosting on my companies webspace for just this occasion!

  17. I love outdoor music gatherings,,and I like STYX "The Grand Illusion" ,,,says it all...peace

  18. LOL look what we have started! OH NO!
    I wouldn't edit a post for language at all, I have been told that I "swear like a sailor" at times, so I should be one to talk!

    It was, sadly, an inside joke, BPP and I hadn't mod'd any posts as of yet, and I got a little dorky and couldn't even DO it I felt too bad. :D

    elementzero nice little censored bar there, but I like reading your insults better, as they're in jest (I hope!) :D

    Anyway, in good spirits as always, hope your weekends are going well.

    xoxoxoxo and a few bowls on toppa that
  19. Time to update this post with a "BUMP"

    Sucky-ass concert starts up this Friday.

    Check it out at

    I started getting ready last night. Since security is being beefed up due to this terrorist bullshit, I have baked up a batch of, lets call them "Grandpa Munster's Nothin Muffins". They are chock full of big nasty nuts so the kids won't want any of them and I can make it all weekend in the no smoking zone.

    Oh, I forgot. I hadn't told anyone this here at the boards so I'll let my sweetie Ganja's forum get this first. I'm running in the cityfest race on Saturday morning. I only signed up for the 2 mile race not the 5 miler. But I'm still going to be running a race. The bad thing is I blew my knee out traing 3 weeks ago and it still bothers me. I know its going to need an operation but I have been running off and on now for a while and this race was my new years resolution. So either running, limping, or walking I got two miles to do Saturday morning. Painkillers, speed, and a big J, but you can bet your ass I will finish the race and if my manhood gets up I'll run the whole thing and try to finish with a respectable time.
  20. Be sure and stay in the Seniors, Heart patients, + Pregnant Women Only lane so nobody rear ends you!

    Styx is alright, even though Dennis DeYoung fucked up a perfectly good rock and roll band with Top 40 love songs.

    Hey Ganja, go check out some of their earlier stuff, and the stuff that did'nt get the radio play and you'll find some pretty good music.

    C'mon Poppa! 5$ warm beer? Get a flask for your boot! Then you only have to pay 4$ for a flat Pepsi! And even though Mrs. Poppa has an aversion to it, the porta-potties make a good place to use the ol' dugout!

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