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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. well frankly ive broken somthing very...very important to my computer and my browsing. for no reason at all (*well a quick trip to martin senior hompage and a funky download of an~~ acrobat reader)just so u know ive already ridded myself of that thing~~anyhow for no reason at all(<-lol im sure) my iexplorer is causing anEXCEPTION! and wont load the location. after 3 days yea uh-huh 3 days i still havent fixed it and netscape sucks very badly. :) if you happen to have any suggestions
    heres a good one..... today while almost shopping i locked my keys and a very angry 2 yr old in my husbands truck as i was trying to navigate my armthru a wing, :rolleyes: well that was 93 bucks :)
    had to tip a cart on its side to climb thru,...very funny indeed.
  2. I have read that three times and now it almost makes perfect sense.
    You fu*ked up your computer, locked yourself out of your husbands truck (with your son inside), broke the vent window, and looked rather funny while trying to get into the truck to unlock the door, right!

    Have i guessed it right? Do i get a prise? OR am i just too stoned to now what the hell you are talking about!

  3. I ain't stoned (though I haven't slept since I was partying last night) & I couldn't understand all of highawatha's post... :D
  4. hhm sorry i swear im looking for help.i am WAY computer retarded.and i had 3 days worth of posts that just seemed to spew all over at once.
    lets all just forget about the wal-mart thingy that was BAD. ya got everything right budhead cept she's a girl and they cry louder, much much louder :)
    ok now, really for no apparent reason my iexplorer wont work at all. the page will pop open blank with no address in the location bar and i get the message explorer has caused an exception.(im not sure about that but thats got to be bad) when i restart my computer it says somthing about an internal error and one of the windows i was using is now closed.
    and i get the message that leads me to believe there is a program running.i dont know very much about this sweet sweet thang here, BUT i was under the impression if my computer is off all the programs are too.
    now this might or might not be important,....defrag and compression are now LOCKED by a disk utility. as far as i know this is new :) woe is me
    what have i done?
  5. high gal, its good to be back some now! get" gateway go back"this well reset your computer to the settings of any time you chose up to 3-5 days before the fuck up! its what i like most in my computer as i fuck up most of the time!this softwere rules to fix that kind of miss stakes! good luck tazz11
  6. Holy shit, just how old is Grasscity??????
  7. Why would you do that?
  8. iexplore is shit. get firefox :smoke: even google chrome (ew)

    but i donno what ur problem is. sorrry,,, i didnt smoke yet today sooo, ya. cant readdd goood lololol

    there is always the rebooting in safe mode and pimping that out:devious:
  9. I believe I read that 7 times over.. no luck either time.

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