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  1. So my best friends friend borrowed my pipe one time when we were all hanging out together, but we were drinking, and i was really drunk and dont remember saying he could borrow it but whatever, so i asked my friend if i could borrow his pipe since his friend has mine, and wont give it back still even though i asked him multiple time to give it to me. So today i was smoking in the foyer of my house because it doesnt stink up the whole house and its to cold to smoke outside, and anyways i accdiently droped his pipe and broke it. Now i owe him $40, and plus i dont have my pipe back, and i have all this homework to do, its just so stressful now. I know i have to pay him back, even though if his friend didnt "borrow" my pipe then his pipe wouldnt have ever broken. Soo, has anyone ever broke one of your friends pipe, and were they mad? I know he is goign to be really mad, just knowing the kind of person he is (ive know him for more than 15 years) Im not going to tell him just yet because i dont have the extra $40 dollars what should i do?
  2. Buy him a new piece when you get 40$.
  3. If you don't get your pipe back, fuck em.
  4. If you break it, you gotta buy a new one man. Its just the right thing to do.

  5. This. I'm kinda disappointed that the OP even has to ask what to do, as if replacing a pipe isn't the immediate answer. Sign of the times? Whatever it is man, it's depressing.
  6. bad stoner karma if you don't replace the pipe, but its also bad stoner karma to 'borrow' and not return... :( this thread is just full of bad karma..
  7. Give him $40 after he returns back your pipe.
  8. Pay him back with money or a new bowl. Anything worse is unacceptable.
  9. Did you let him borrow your piece or what? If he took it, get your piece back and tell him get bent. If you did let him borrow your piece, go get a new one but don't waste 40 on it, try and get it lowered. Then you got your piece back, he got a new piece and you didn't waste $40 on it. Win/win
  10. ≥ Bad Person.
  11. If it is his friend that has your pipe man tell your friend that he can just get your pipe back from him and keep it. It is pretty shitty that your friend wont get your pipe back for you from his friend. Screw that man tell him to get your pipe back and keep that or get nothing.
  12. One of my bros broke my first bong, and as payment smoked me out for like, 3 weeks straight. Maybe work something like this out, worked wonderfully for me:smoke:

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