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This sucks...can't smoke. (Or so I think)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Robindean, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. #1 Robindean, Mar 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 23, 2012 day. I get drunk, and high, for the first time in months.
    Sunday...I buy a half ounce of high grade shit, and get high with one bowl between me and two others.

    They leave, I smoke 2 hits later that night while drinking.

    Sunday, the second night of smoking (After 4 months of being clean)
    I get a call for a job position at walmart (It's going to suck, truck unloader, I don't fucking care, I needed a job, and wish to make money and live on my own much better then what I have right now, just didn't think i'd get it since I subbed a app four times, and this one was a month ago)

    Tuesday, I freak out, finally making contact with the person who called. ( Not smoking monday, after trying to get into contact with her).

    Wensday, two interviews, by three people, one at the layaway, then called into the back and interviewed by two people one going first, then the next, and back and forth.

    Accepted for a job. Thursday, drug test, realizing I had to do a lot of shit since monday to get to this point.

    Sorry for how this might be reading out, but I have felt pretty good about passing the DT since wensday they accepted me.

    Am I just freaking the fuck out? Eitherway, I passed it or not and hopefully get the job, even though it's gonna suck ass, the money I will get won't be bad.

    But right now I really wanna smoke a bowl, but I am scared to do so, if/when I get the job and they DT later or no more then two days after I start orientation.

    I know there is a lot of walmart/drug test threads, but this blows not knowing if I got the job, and even then, wish I could still smoke. Drunk right now, since it's all I can do/willing to do.

    So, in the end If I get the job, I mind as well get use to not smoking at all. Which is the smart thing to do.

    But what ya'll think? I drank water/cranberry juice, three days of taking 1k MG of niacin (each day till today), water, water, water. Day of test, asprin. Should be good yes?

    damn, long post. Sorry....just worried, but at the same time, thinking I got it. :hello: just wish I could smoke too
  2. Well I mean, you smoked weed before you had a drug test...good luck homey, hope all goes well
  3. Yes, I just didnt expect a call after how long it had been, and how many apps i subbed. I would love to smoke tho right now, but what if I did pass, and they randomonly want me to test once I get hired/accepted into orientation? Perhaps I should abstein from weed until I see how it works. if I get a good call saying I can begin.

    But anyway, thank you ghost...I really do hope it does.

    Just funny how I have half a bowl and a half ounce which I might not be able to smoke. haha

    In the end, the hard part for GETTING hired is over...but hell if I know if they wanna test me further. Or if they do after pre-employment.
  4. Sup man. I work at Walmart as a 4 to 1 truck unloader, I'll avoid griping since a jobs a job that you may really need.

    Anyway, as long as you pass the DT you shouldn't have any problems getting hired, as far as I can tell. I did fucking terrible in my 2nd interview, the dude even said "I'm gonna go out on a limb and recommend you." and I was hired, not even sure how I passed the DT with my voodoo concoction for cleaning out your piss from my friends step dad from Florida.

    Good luck man, I'll pray to the budlords that you get some cool ass managers.
  5. I almost worked at Walmart, then they seen marijuana paraphanelia on my background check and decided not to hire me. Fuck Walmart fucking stupid bitches
  6. Good luck with the job. Times are tuff bro, you have to take advantage of whatever you can get. Right now I am remodeling a wal-mart. All the night time workers there seem really cool. Get a couple months at wal-mart, then try to get a recomendation for a sams club. The stockers there make more and its more chill. Good luck with the job! The world needs more working stonners.
  7. there should really be a complete sub section of these forums titles "post your stupid drug test problems here". You however are an exception, rough fucking luck man. the timing and everything. Honestly I have this real skinny friend who passes drugs tests in like 36 hours, just niacin, water, water, water, exercise. If you are skinny shit might work out, if you arent (like me) you might be blown. Best of luck homie, and if you dont pass fuck Wal-Mart next time go drop the nastiest deuce in the the urinal....
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