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This strain is hurting my sleep schedule

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChipsHandon, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. So I got a large amount of a strain I've never tried before, Northern Lights. I've heard good things and the buds look a lot like the pictures I've seen of northern lights before but I am having some negative side effects. For one, I don't get giggly and silly like I normally do. Its a nice high, my head gets all floaty and stuff but I don't laugh like I do with most regular shit I've tried. Worst of all is I sleep like 15 hours the next night which makes smoking if I have work the next day almost impossible. I have a lot of this shit and no one to trade it with. Any advice?
  2. Set an alarm clock so you don't sleep for so long? Also you tolerance might be building up if your not giggly anymore.
  3. Man I do but I am still soooooo tired throughout the day unless I sleep for many many hours.
  4. if you're in the USA drink some NOS energy drinks
  5. I have no idea man.

    Maybe like someone else said you are getting a tolerance and just aren't as high as you have been getting off getting different shit every sack.
  6. Smoke Earlier?
  7. The giggly is definitely due to your tolerance getting higher and if you smoke before bed you always want to keep sleeping. You just gotta get up blaze and go to work:smoke:
  8. Damn. a 15 hour nap. I'd kill for that. I don't sleep a lot, I can go to bed at any time and I always wake up around 6-7 in the morning. And I'm only 19. Friends I know say they sleep all day. What the hell.
  9. Northern Lights is a pure indica, and a damn strong one at that, so it sounds to me like you are used to puffin sativas and aren't used to the indica couchlock stone. I took a few rips of Northern Lights in Vermont once and let me tell you, that shit is not to be trifled with haha. Maybe just smoke less in a session and see if that helps, or drink some coffee while you rip. My workday recipe includes a good dose of sativa and some espresso haha :smoke:
  10. u should get a 5 hour energy lol they work! but get pomegranate one it tastes best.
  11. In response to smoke earlier/before work: I get paid to think and pot makes me really dumb lol.

  12. Yes. Your bud is laced with what I think is heroin, you should mail me all your bud so I can conduct numerous smok..... err I mean scientific experiments.

    Naw but in all seriousness there could be many reasons.
    1) Try smoking earlier, see if that helps.
    2) If that doesn't try smoking less see if that helps.
    3) Maybe your not giggling because your used to smoking all sativa? NL is a sativa and indica hybrid.

    The tired stuff, I don't think there may be a way around that, unless you get a higher tolerance which will come with time.
  13. it's amazing what some people complain about

  14. This ^^ even if I drop off at 3 am, I generally get up at around 8-9 max, and thats in the summer vacation time.

    During school I always wake up at like 6:30:( lol
  15. Probably coming down real hard
  16. Smoke sooner after work and smoke less. Not much else to tell you.

  17. Northern Lights is not a pure indica, its a hybrid. If the northern lights you are smoking is a pure indica then youre probably not smoking northern lights haha.:smoke:
  18. just dont smoke it if you dont like it. uuhh
  19. Yea, the solutions seems if you dont like this strain for whatever reason dont smoke it. Sell it, trade it, make edibles out of it.
    Unless you bought a pound of it, which I doubt, you should be able to go through it fast.

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