This smells like weed...anyone else?

Discussion in 'General' started by Andronius, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Anyone else think that this stuff smells like weed? I love it! Green Tea w/ citrus.

    Smells too!

    Oh, and I think it smells more like weed in Veg than actual bud.
  2. Haha yeah i have accually. It does smell like weed.
  3. I don't know man, I think my computer screen is in the way, I dont smell anything. Report back if you know a secret to this, I tried the whole scratch 'n sniff thing, and failed.
  4. Scratch more? :smoke:

  5. Well, I plied off all my fingernails because I thought they were disfunctional since I couldn't smell the damned .jpg!!!!
  6. I'm with you Smokentoke, this guy owes me a new LCD screen

  7. I tried it on my laptop too, so he owes me 2..... then I threw my laptop through my 52 inch HDTV because I couldnt smell it, so I wanty a new one of those too.... Oh and a hooker, because I beat her with the broken laptop after trying yet again to smell this JPEG!!!!!! :mad:
  8. Send some my way and I'll smell it for ya then give you a detailed report on what I have discovered.

    Dam I wish I had some weed right now... :(
  9. Took me a while to get that haha

    I thoiught you meant you had the bottle but it was behind your screen haha plus rep man
  10. Damn...guess I owe a lot of you screens...well... here ya go...

    | I.O.U. |
    |Monitors| print/cut it out and take to nearest Best Buy. They will hook you up.
  11. If your weed smells like green tea, maybe you aren't smoking real marijuana. :smoking:
  12. lol no it doesnt smell like weed at all. But i love me some green tea if you didnt notice by my avatar :smoke:
  13. green tea is the shit
  14. Well, I just got back from Best Buy, they didn't accept the IOU's, I'm gonna have to charge you extra for tinme and gas wasted driving there and back
  15. I've noticed that with Arizona green tea.
  16. have to ask for the IOU Sales Rep.

    Actually...I believe I am too high to continue...I will send the check via paypal... My people will contact your people to ...fuck...word....negotiate terms and amounts... ;)

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