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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by tony gonzalez, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. i found it yesterday and was excited til i get no answers to my ?S .and after browsing others it seems theres a bunch of little bitches that have to criticize others trying to help .or bitch or talk shit about somthing else .you know who you are theres a bunch of you punks im sure you are young probably between 16 and early 20s who think u know it all .you dont know shit you think you are cool with your little pics of bob and sayings (not everyone)bob would put a soccer kick to your ass .you think you are bad ass behind your computer but in real life everyone laughs at you without u even knowing .i dont know about the moderators cuz i havnt been here long enough but this place could be so much better with more strict guidelines or inforced guidelines( cuz i dont even know what they are) its a shame cuz i was stoked yesterday and disgusted today after seeing negitive after negative shit talkers i wish i could jump through the the screen and bitchslap you and thats not my style.again im talking about shit talkers if you are not a shit talker im not talking about you, even if you have a pic of bob on your signature i love bob he's my favorite artist i have all his work
  2. No quotes to back this up? Links would even be nice? Names? I'm going to look at you're questions now.
  3. funny. . .

    because i feel similarly about the large influx of new posters we've seen since the beginning of the summer,

    but actually a few awesome posters have shone through the dust and im glad they are here. .

    i guess what im really trying to say is who cares go smoke a blunt and go to whatever site makes you happy
  4. From my experience, the people on this site are very helpful...

    Some can be kinda whiny and bitchy, but it is like that in any community...

    I'll try to answer some of your questions if I can find them...
  5. its not really the ?S , i guess theres alot of ?S so maybe mine gets skipped down the line pretty quick but the shit talking i see it everywhere the majority of the talk is great and dandy but in the short time ive been here i see way to much smartass replies to people really trying to help, its like if they disagree they have to say some stupid wiseass comment when they should shut up or just say they disagree and explain why
  6. Dude this community is huge, in you're town are there no assholes? Its the same here.
  7. there are alot of great people here it just ruins my high (afgan skunk) when im reading some possitive post then all of a sudden some punk has to throw in his two bitchass cents
  8. If you look past them this place is great.;.... hence my addiction lol
  9. Agreed. :D
  10. ill try

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  11. Just to point it out, a lot of people post questions blindly without doing any background research at all. Most questions can be answered either by looking at the stickies or at the hundreds of threads already started (I personally like "So you want to grow marijuana you're ?s answered"). Now I'll agree there are a lot of dicks on this site, but that's the same with everywhere. And a lot of people get tired of answering the same questions day in and day out by people who haven't even looked into their issue. I'm a noob, and I know it, but I can totally understand why people who ask "How do I get started growing weed?" or the like don't get their questions answered, or have them answered with "Go read," because that's what everyone should do first.

    But I agree, GC would be a whole lot better if there weren't those people who talked shit. Because us noobs just want to grow for the first time, and we're looking for the basics. After that, well, then we can get a little more technical.

    Just my two cents.
  12. tony , your judging the whole community from some people. I try to help eeryone as much as i can. I even had a new member aim me and ask me nothing but questions for 45 min. so dont sit there and say its all of us that dont help.

    plus you say all of us are shit talkers. what if someone judged your whole family cause your an asshole? is that fair? are all of them assholes cause of you? i doubt it so dont do it here .
  13. sounds like it hit home .well like i said u know who you are if you actually read my post u would know im not talking about the whole community i dont think i could have been more clear
  14. well after reading it again i see your point. no it didnt hit home. im not young or in any of my posts do i rip anyone. :wave:
  15. no problemo and i have nothing bad to say about youngsters im just sure "MOST...NOT ALL" the shit talkers are are youngsters that dont know what respect means.not that im old "35".or am i ?
  16. I have to say I've gotten more of my questions answered here than on any other site. All the others I've posted at seem to be even bigger assholes and snobs. So it's all relative.

    Sorry for you bad luck man but as everyones said they're everywhere. I usually just try to ignore them like anywhere else in the real world. Unless their really being a dick to someone's question.
  17. What was/were your question(s), btw?
  18. Go to his profile and find all his threads. They have been answered though i think.
  19. In another internet community I belong to, we always have a problem with immature illiterate trolls during the summer months. It always improves as the school year gets rolling.
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