This shit scared me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by garfield206, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Ok well today started just like any normal day....
    me and a couple friends decided to get together and toke it up while watching the hydroplane races...
    we brought someone with us that had never smoked weed
    and this is how it went

    First we smoked some really dank weed [Hit me really quick cause i could barely walk right after]
    then we walk down near the coast
    we sit in the shade and just chill for about 15 minutes
    then all of a sudden the girl starts freaking out screaming "oh my god oh my god please please please call 911 im having like an out of body experience oh my god i remember 5th grade and i learnd about this in7th grade please please call 911" while i was trying desperatly to get my phone back [she had a good grip]

    just imagine 3 really baked guys who could barely talk trying to calm down someone who was freaking out screaming

    i couldnt stop laughing about it and it is definetly the scariest moment of my life.....while baked:smoke:
  2. i have mixed feelings about smoking chicks up for the there first time..i know one time i was at a friends house and this chick was there..she had never smoked before and she took an OK hit out of his roor...15 minutes later shes crying and shit..say how she can "feel and hear her heart beating" and that she was dying...kinda a buzz kill.
  3. Hahahaa I love breakin' chicks... ummm ah fuck...

    weed cherries? no that's lame .

    wait I'll be back :wave:

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