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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by catfish swiming, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Fuck the police commin straight from the underground grow 2011

    I have a small cabinet set up with a few CFL'S in my shed. I grew two plants and they both turned out to be males. I decided to forget about growing at my house because i live with my mother and if she finds a grow she will kick me out. She rarely goes into the shed but you never know.

    Now a few months ago a user started a thread in one of the growing sections asking if it would be possible to dig a room underground and grow plants in there. People discredited him and flamed the shit out him. Now just the other day at work this thread popped into my head and i thought "why not do this but on a smaller scale?".

    I went to my local store and they are selling 40L storage containers for $13 each! I am going to rig up my 5 18w cfls into this box and buy some pvc piping and a computer fan for an exhaust, waterproof it then bury it in the ground behind my shed and im good to go.

    I may be getting some seeds preferably with purple genetics from attitude seed bank depending on how much pay i get this week. If not im going bag seed. My pay goes through tonight so expect updates within the next 24 hours.

    EDIT: These are the seeds i may go for De Sjamaan Seeds Purple Widow.

    Lemme know what ya think.
  2. Why purple genetics? Purple weed blows
  3. What would the dimensions of this grow be? How would you supply power and keep fresh air moving through the grow? Would it stay at a constant 60 degrees in the grow space when the lights are off? This is a good idea considering how it will cover up the sound and be a good hiding place.
  4. I'm in... you gonna take pics, right?

  5. Super awesome idea. I was thinking about this as well lol! Good luck man!
  6. Sounds cool man, but the more I imagine it the more of a pain in the ass it seems. Anyways good luck, it should be awesome if you get this idea working and Im lookin forward to pics myself.
  7. amazing idea, definently keeping an eye on this one :smoking:
  8. so are you gunna dig it up everytime you need to water?
  9. [quote name='"Landeye"']so are you gunna dig it up everytime you need to water?[/quote]

    He can probably make it hydro. The only thing I would worry about would be if the plant touched the lights and burnt it. Maybe it would be a good idea to invest in some\tLED lights or diy it.
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    Not exactly. I'm going to bury down until the top of it is about 1-2 inches from ground level then i am going to construct a trap door with a sheet of ply wood with some planks on top and plastic sheeting on the top and bottom for extra waterproofness, and then cover it with leaves, sticks what ever. Maybe even an old wheel barrow on top for extra measure.

    I will be using a 40L container for the space, but my pay didn't go through last night (useless boss is always a day late with pay) But i will get back to you on dimensions when i get thee box. And if you carefully read my first post it says i will rig the box up with PVC piping and a computer fan to suck the air from the box back up to the surface. Im also assuming that temps will stay low due to the fact its underground.

    And as for the power i have a series of extension chords starting from my room, going under the house, and buried underground all the way to the shed. So i have the power supply sorted. And to keep water from entering where the plugs meet where they are buried underground i have wrapped thoroughly with plastic bags and duck taped the shit out of them.

    and i just suppose i want to grow something diffrent. Thats why i chose purple genetics. plus there is a bonus, 12 purple widow seeds for 13EURO's. I'm a cheap ass.

    Also the actual growing wont commence until around the 20 - 25th of December. SORRY :( I will be going out of town on the at December for a week or two and would rather not leave them alone for that period of time. But stay tuned for the construction of the setup. and yes i will be taking pics :)
  11. Sounds like an interesting strain- I look forward to the grow and smoke report. I am particularly interested in knowing how big it gets. I would have been more inclined to go with a pure indica personally. Although it could be a compact pheno- who knows
  12. good luck with the grow!


    i dont think so...
  13. He he he...
    I have not smoke a lot of purple strains- so I can't say. Around here(where I live I mean) people are into the Kushes. Purples don't seem to be held in high esteem. I am open minded though. Purple trainwreck was kind of dull and unexciting... I do want to try lavender though!
  14. well i just got paid so expect to see beginning of construction tomorrow. I am also sending of the dough for the seeds. Fingers crossed i get them
  15. Did you get the email from them about the black friday discount?

    I can't wait to place my next bean order. Getting a good long shopping list going.

    [Edit: Oh, he he, its on their homepage anyway... nm]
  16. Yea i did get the email about the discount BUT with my first order where i didnt use the voucher i got a free Super Lemon Haze feminized seed but i tried it again and got a regular seed. So i dunno. I might just go for the first order without the discount. I just picked up a 60L container for $15 its not quite tall enough but i am going to cut out the bottom and use plywood to extend it and line it with tarpaulin for waterprofness.
  17. Sent of the cash for the seeds today and picked up a computer fan. I am going to rig the computer fan to a cell phone charger.

    Also cut out the bottom of the container and am extending it for more space. All is going well.
  18. this sounds super interesting. good luck! hope this turns out well for you :)
  19. basically your gonna be growing inside a pit

    ok this is not gonna be easy but i imagine that its possible, you are going to need to support the pit just like pit miners did with wood posts and so on you will need a power cable coming from your house to the pit

    you need it to be big enough so that you can water your plants and enough height for growth you need to ensure that water (rain) wont get on any of the electrics

    all this is not gonna be easy and will take a hole lot of work and a very long time are you sure your up to it?? wouldnt it be a hole lot easyer just to rent a house yourself and grow it i'm not dissin the idea as its a very good idea but i think its gonna be harder than we all think

    very good luck man i wish you all the best hope it works out well for you stay safe
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