This really pisses me off what colleges are doing

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    I just watched a video and an honors/Advanced Placement student was planning on going to school in-state in Cali. Now, in-state tuition at any school is wayyyy cheaper than out of state tuition. The kid got rejected to both of the in-state schools, but an ivy league school accepted him which would cost $100,000 more to attend. Why? I instantly knew it was because of greed. More schools are starting to accept more international and out of state students just so they are forced to pay out of state tuition if they are immediately accepted and must attend the first year or semester I believe. Even at a regular public school, out of state tuition alone is $20,000 plus per year.
    Though not all schools are like this, it is an increasing trend, but hopefully, it doesn't get so bad that it's happening nationally... Who knows.
    This is getting way out of hand with the fact that student debt is getting worse. How do you expect people to have better lives (even those majoring in things that guarantee high salaries) but make them have to pay a lot more just because schools are fucking greedy. On top of that, I've noticed with my 4-years of college they even added more requirements for incoming freshman to have. So sad and now, I can imagine a lot of students with lower incomes having a harder time going through college. Here's the video:

  2. Just the tip of the iceberg lol

    But yea it's fucked up...I don't know I would maybe move to the state and live there for a year so I could be considered in-state student....they make the rules and guidelines and policies. Fr every rule, they have 10 counter rules which you can use to get around the rule...
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    That is true, but is it really fair to wait a year to gain residency to get an education? No it isn't! Also, if that is the case, a kid is basically forced to chose a school they probably didn't really want to go to in the first place, but going "just because" and not thinking of the amount of money it costs at the time. It just really makes my skin crawl.
  4. It's just 6 months in Connecticut to be considered a resident. But yeah, tuition prices are insane. I can see why many people see that it is not worth it. Thousands in debt and no guarantee of a job when you graduate. 
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    Yea... Luckily, for me, I will have less than $20,000 in debt when I am done in December and I just checked my school website and out of state tuition alone for one year is $27,000. I swear I feel really bad for younger people because no one tells them these things and are clueless as to how expensive it can get. Especially if you live on campus. If this continues, this country will be going on a faster downward spiral of people being in debt for a long time.
  6. That's not the college's fault. The kid should have had a safe school or two in-state if he didn't want to pay out the ass. College tuition is still highway robbery, but it's his fault for not picking realistic colleges both academically and economically speaking.

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  7. I think we're more informed because of the Internet. My aunt didn't pay hers off til her 50's, real sad. Trade school here I come >:)
  8. Honestly, even if he did pick an in-state school and had to live on campus, it's still a lot of money. Luckily for me, I never lived on campus at all. Yea, he shouldn't of applied at an Ivy League, but even if he didn't it would still be expensive to go to college.
  9. Yea, and I remember this one girl came in from a college to talk to us and I knew back then 5 years ago it was fucked it. She said that she was a psychology major and that "I don't care if I have to pay $100,000" and even then I was like wtf? It just sounded so unrealistic.
  10. Lmao 100k for a fucking degree. What a free country, our tax dollars are going to such good use.
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    Good. I know people who went to trade school and have good jobs. My boyfriend studied civil engineering technology and only had to pay off $4,000 something in loans. He was working at the same time, but it was at a community college, so it was relatively easy to pay for each semester. Now, he has a job and is currently moving up.
  12. I know right and I knew as a high school student then that it logically didn't make any sense. Anyway, I don't regret my education since my debt isn't sooo bad, but the amount of money it costs is getting way too high.
  13. After 6 years I'll have about $125,000 to pay back. This is not ideal I admit, but the starting salary for my intended job is around $100,000. This, coupled with living a simple life for a few years will make paying it off a little easier.
    The thing I don't understand is getting a pointless degree like psychology or philosophy. That's just a money pit.

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  14. You fucking people kill me spending all that good weed money on a fucking degree. Hell, I gotta a degree in whatever I want from Your College or University Name and it didn't cost me a dime.
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    Lol, but no a degree can be a good thing, but the cost is way too inflated.
  16. The 11 months I spent in university were a very worthwhile time. I developed the skills required to think critically about the institution, ultimately deciding that the financial output was not worth subjecting my increasingly liberated mind to however many more years of academic and, ultimately, governmental brainwashing.

    I also learned a lot of good techniques between the sheets that year, so my time wasn't totally wasted.

    The costs are criminal. Education should be free and the fact that it's not is a symbol of a failing society.
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    I agree. Imagine people who have master's or even Phd's and imagine how much money that would be then. Even those in med school. Yikes!
  18. My niece is in college studying to be a nurse. Fasfa pays for most, but she has to buy books out of her own pocket. She most have spent over 1000 dollars on textbooks since she started 3 years ago.
  19. She's lucky. Most ordinary students don't really get that much "free" help. The majority tends to be loans for a lot of people. I also paid for my books out of pocket as well.
  20. Can't wait for those kids to realize that what college you went to doesn't matter.

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