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  1. This is about my 4th grow w/ 250w hps in a 3'x2'x3' room. This pic is of an indica named Rock Bub @ week 10 of flower. To me, the plant looks pretty ratty, but when I magnify it, the tricoms look clear to cloudy, but not amber yet. Can you tell by looking at if it's ready?

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  2. nice pic dude i think it needs a lil more time though cuz i cant see shit JK put a pic up so you can get real help
  3. your supposed to have 70% of the white hairs brownish

  4. Hairs mean nothing..Its trichs that will tell you when its ready..advanced growing has a a thread called the chart thread...theres a chart on trichs there..milky trichs is the least you want..
  5. ^yep like he said, go by the triches. 100% cloudy is what some people prefer..although i usually go for about 25% amber and 75% cloudy.

    To look at the triches, buy a pocket microscope. Radioshack has 10-100x pocket microscopes for about $10, i've used mine for several grows and it works great.
  6. Hey all. My grow is about 1 month in to flowering. Does the leaves just fall off or what..urs looks bear thats all..please inform me..thanks.
  7. It looks like he picked off the lower leaves. Probably because in flowering alot of the lower leaves turn yellow and just waste energy, so you should pick them off.
  8. is yellowing of the leaves a sign that harvest is almost near then? Only reason i ask is because mine has all leaves still and none are yellowing and i need her to be finished by close to end of april..
  9. It sounds like the color of the trichs is more important than the number of weeks (over 10 weeks of 12/12 in my case) or the appearance of the plant.

    Rola -- My plants usually are still green after a month. But in the 2nd month, all my plants have had the leaves turn yellow, then white, then eventually fall off, so I pick them off when they're yellow.

    Here's the link to the pics of the trichome chart: Trichome Chart
  10. rola- yes alot of the leaves turn yellow late in flowering.

    data- Yea, the color of triches is alot more important than how many weeks they are in to flowering. It will vary from plant to plant. Some may take a week or two longer than others, etc.

    Woah, just read your 70 days into flowering. hmm, whats the average flowering time on rock bud?

    EDIT: just looked on says 8-9 weeks. In the pic it looks like it has a week or two to go, tha'ts weird. I would get a pocket microscope ASAP and look at the triches.

  11. Tetra, I have harvested my bud for years based on the 70% brown to 30% white hair theory and I recently broke down and picked up a sweet microscope online (I have gone to my local radio shack and the most they had was a 2x mag. glass). To my delight my tricks were about 50% milky 50% brown. The only problem with visually doing it is that some strains of MJ don't have hairs that change color (I think White Widow is one) so in that case the percentage of alive hairs to dead/ripe/shriveled hairs is just as good. No doubt though that a 10x plus microscope is best. Data if your trichs look clear to cloudy, like the other boys and girls in the class said, it is not ready to cut yet.
  12. Ill have new pics of my current buds up tomorrow. I think they are doing good for 1 month in to flowering. Then we can determine how much longer we think it should go for. Would harvesting early affect more of quanitiy being produced or quality of bud?
  13. How come your yield is soo small?? What happend during the grow process??

  14. marocan x afghan..trichs are milky..great smoke.
    yeh..some strains you can apply the hair colour but not pic shows. ;).

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  15. Looks good Tetra.
    I see about 50% brown 50% white on you second pic I think if those brown things are the hairs.

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