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    this post is not about science and religion. its about "SCIENECE" and "RELIGION"

    this post is about words with power. now, this may be tricky, but it will also be kinda fun. lets try something. starting with these two laviathans of words, lets discuss words that, over time, have adapted to our language to hold immediate power simply by uttering it. the trick is discussing and analysing these words without starting a debate.
  2. you lost me here bro
  3. Whenever I hear the world Religion I automatically get fired up and ready my arguements on how it's destroying this planet.

    Science. I hear that word and get excited. Science is truth. It defines reality, even if individuals ignore that reality and create their own reality, their reality isn't truth. Science is truth.
  4. words. this post is about words.

    heres one: FUCK.

    how many people say "fuck" "fuckin'" throughout the day. then, think of how many people there are that shun the use of any profanity, most of all the "f" word.

    how did it happen. how did these words become any different than any other. of course, it reflects on how, when, and to whom we say it.

  6. I think that the word 'fuck' has the most meanings/times of application out of any of the words in the English language, and just cause I said that a few posts down will probably be a link to somewhere proving what word actually has the most meanings. Hahaha, I know you too well GC.
  7. The word I use that gets the biggest rise from my intellectual ( they think) friends, is to speak of having a "Soul", almost immediately, no matter what take you care to put on the matter, they will flat out stop listening, and go into defensive posture, as though you are attacking them.

    But to me, soul is simply another word for the spark of humanity that burns in us all, our awareness combined with our experiences, and has nothing to do with the more used and abused term of ' eternal soul'. I only wish to convey that I feel that there is a difference between these two terms, but by the time I get enough words out to adequately explain my position, many people have stopped listening, due to previous experiences with Jehovah's witnesses, or Mormons, or other groups who dragged the term soul into the mud.

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