This Plant Must Have Mutated....Can Anybody HELP!!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I need some advice, input or just anything you've got to offer....I cloned a plant 2 weeks into flowering and it's been a month now since it rooted, but this F****ng plant it's turning out to be really weird! [​IMG]

    I had posted another thread about a week or two ago and I was told that this happens when out clone from a flowering plant and that once it went to vegetative state it would go back to normal, but that hasn't been the case....check it out!!!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated....has this ever happend to anybody?

    Take a look at this pics....

    Also guys, can anybodu tell me what's going on with this 2 plants...Haze Auto and Bubblelicious Auto....they got lots of brwon spots and the leaves are curling, I only have been giving them distille water for the last 2 weeks since that's when the seeds nutrients yet!!!

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    all of your links are broken. Try uploading the best and most relevant pictures to the site.

    click "go advanced" underneath the reply box, scroll down and click "manage attachments"

    attach your files there, it's simple. again, don't trying posting 20 blurry pics...5 or 10 clear pictures of what you are concerned about will suffice

    also, there is a "Sick Plants" section of the forum, that is where this would belong
  3. Sorry about that, here are the pics.....

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  4. yes....I did, I took the clone from a flowering mother, well actucally one of the stems had broken due to something I did (long story), but the plant was flowering and I decided to clone that worked and only took 5 days to root, then I transplanted her into the big pot you see her in now.

    Also I've hear that when you clone from a flowering plant that this is normal and that they get real bushy thus turning into huge super-plants...don't quote me on that, it's just what i"ve heard somewhere else!!!

    Thanks for your reply...seems that you're the only one willing to help a brotha out!!!
  5. Its normal for a clone to grow leaves with no notches on them just after potting. Just be patient and the new growth should come in normally.
  6. well...she's in veg for 3 weeks now and all the new growth has been the same, i mean don't get me wrong if I still get bud from her I really don't care how she looks, but is weird...I've never seen a cannabis plant do

    Here's how she look now...I just took this pics 3 mins ago,

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  7. I mean....dude she's so weird that my landlord came to my house stood right next to her and complemented me on it "wow that's a nice plant"...those were his exact, he had no idea it was MJ plant...lmao
  8. im interested in seeing what happens with this she does NOT look happy lol
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    I will keep u guys updated on this crazy mutant from another

    And to top it off today I was freaking out and thought that I was going to have to harvest my 2 flowering girls and I'm only 3-weeks away from harvest day.....let me fill you in, so I lost power today in my apartment in more than have the place and had to call the landlord (after checking all the circuit breakers and fuses...I live in an old building :().

    I had no power for 3-4 hours and I was completly freaking out....I've come so far to not be able to fully get there, but it all worked out my landlord took care of the problem and I'm back in business!!!! :)

    Here are my 2 flowering girls (bag seed)...and some haze auto & bubblelicious auto....

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  10. :eek: FUCKKKKKKKK.....I just lost power again, man this shit is pissing me off....this is an old piece of shit building!!!!

    Just call the landlord and he says he's on his way!!! :devious:
  11. Taken cuttins in flowering stages is not a good idea ..
    ya run the chance of her turning into a hermaphrodite ...
    good luck n keep ur eye on her

  12. This is correct, its called monster cropping when you take a flowering clone, usually takes them a while to root and they grow a little slow, but once they start they turn into freakishly bushy beast plants
  13. ive taken a few hundred clones from my white widow and ive had some look just like that give it time and it will grow 3 then 5 leaves again some with this one leaf deal grow to be my best producers. my guess is the shock sometimes sends them back to growing singles then 3,5,7 ect...
  14. Sorry for my late response guys, been real busy!!!....Well first things first, I'm back on track thanks to my landlord for coming by promptly and took care of my power issues for good! :hello:

    Thanks for that piece of info, I didn't know there was a chance of female clones turning into hermies!....Man that would really SUCK!!! Now that I know I will keep a real close eye on her and make sure she doesn't turn on me.

    :yay:Thanks you for validating what I read somewhere else, this really brings my hopes up...she is already looking like she's gonna turn into a Monster, she has so much growth that I'm started to get impressed everyday that I wake up and see her bigger and bushier...this is really gonna be an interesting plant....will post new pics tomorrow, can't do it right now cause they at sleep!!!
  15. @indy650
    :yay:Thank you so muuuchhhhh....I'm glad you have experience with this and your words bring happiness to my heart by confirming what I read and by also knowing that I can grow a real Huge plant.....I have a question, I currently have under a screen (SCROG) and already began training her, but do you think that I should take her from under the scree and just grow her naturally or would scrogging it be a good idea? (Open to anybody to answer).
  16. ive never done scrog but i hear it produces wayyyy more... id like to try it someday... what strain is that? my widow produces about 2 grams on a 3 foot clone with 4 26 watt cfls a piece. im a firm beliver in cfls now!
  17. whoops i ment 2 OZ's lol
  18. @indy650
    Well bro, to tell ya the truth...the mum is from a seed I found in a realllly good bag of weed I bought a while back, but really couldn't tell ya what genetics she is...This is of course before I found Attitude Seed Bank, in the last month I've bought over 20 different strains including some white widow, OG Kush #18, Nebula, AK-48,White rhino and LSD just to name a few!!!

    I am really excited and anxious for this girls to get into the final 2 weeks of flowering so I can harvest and start growing some really good shit! :smoking:

    I was wondering there for a minute when you said 3 grams....I was about to tell ya that that amount is not even worth the time....lmao, glad you rectify that!!!
  19. The leaves in your original post are commonly refered to as "Basil leaves".

    It allways happens when you reveg a plant that was allready flowering; it takes a full month before you get 5/7/9 point leaves developing again.
  20. @Joe Luxon
    Niceeee.....great to hear that she well come back start looking normal again; see I knew I was right by calling her a basil mutant, cause she does look like basil and great to hear that that it's what it's referred to.

    Do you know if she will do well under a scrog?....Thanks for your help!

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