this organic growin blows

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  1. well im on grow 5 and this one is almost 100% organic......what blows is what do I do with nothing to do?? so thanks a lot blades and bladettes for giving me a bunch more free time to just sit here sippin on a beer and hittin a bowl smellin the soil and kickin back !!
    lol, whood have thunk it. all kidding aside, been reading for a bit now and this is sooo much easier after getting my natural soil ,teas and top dressings in order, oh and much less costly
    so THANKS a bunch and hopefully I will be able to offer bits of advise to others in the future
  2. I feel ya man. Since switching over a few months ago I find myself taking extra clones for experimentation to fill the void of mixing this and that and uh, this and that.

    Definitely allows for more time to work on techniques and tea brewing, composting, extractions, and the like. THe little things that REALLY matter are able to be improved upon.
  3. Lmao, is this NOT the only way to grow? No more throwing out your soil, buying a bunch of high priced bottles, no more bullshit, just quality cannabis, the natural way.

    A properly amended soil and a little supplementation makes very happy plants.

    Gotta love the feeling you get from knowing this is the best pot on the planet and you grew it organically. I take pride with each toke knowing what went into creating this beautiful plant and how natural it is and the life cycles that helped produce it. :smoking:

    After creating my special soil... I simply water with seaweed/kelp/fish emulsion several times during each cycle and foliar feed once or twice in veg with Epsom Salts.
  4. Do what I do... grow more plants! That'll give you more work in the garden!
  5. thats what i plan on, i was in the garden an avg of two hours a night doing what i thought was necessary drudgery ..dam near every nite before, now im their doing fun stuff an luvin it again
  6. ^^^ Would you like to have even MORE free time on your hands? You gotta check out this thread if you haven't seen it yet. It's kind of an SIP set up but with perlite and smart pots. I also built two SIP bucket systems as well. Anyway, talk about low maintainance watering! No dry spots and the plant regulates its own water uptake. Increased growth rates and general health. On top of the results you're already experiencing. Give it a shot. I did and am more than pleased with the results.:D

    EDIT: You WILL be spending more time trimming and training, however.


  7. I just pour the water into a tray of perlite, instead of watering 12 individual plants. Damn if noobwannb's thread hasn't led to me spending hours more on the GC per day.
  8. Ever feel like there's not much more to read cause your on here so much?

    @hope2toke: Didn't even notice that thread. Thanks!

  9. You guys are awesome...thanks for spreading the word. :wave:
    Just wanted to say you don't HAVE to use smart pots....this system works with hard pots too. BUT, imo you get the best results with smarties.

    Now carry on with your training and tweaking and stuff ;)
  10. lol noobwannb, thanx u!

    I use it with the 3.5'' plastic pots and the difference is a moist surface and sides of the soil in each pot, as opposed to a dry surface and dry spots thru - out. In other words, it makes all the difference! Your name tag doesn't distract me from your long white coat!

  11. *she blushes and bows in humble thanks*
    Awww shucks.....I got lucky .... and then I got excited and decided to share like all the other fine folks before me is all ;)
    I can't wear white....I wear everything I touch! :laughing:
  12. I almost posted a thread similar to this but was pretty faded and decided against it. Being a beerbrewer and putting it on hold to grow, organics gave me back my brewing time. And I have more time to 'watch them grow' that I can head off any mite attack I might have missed before. And my dank tastes better and gets u higher! Organics converted my best friend into growing that way too.
  13. u guys were correcto...I have nothing that MUST be done in the garden... so Ill take a toke, a beer , kick on the jams and chill so thanks all for my extra time!!
  14. Now if only i can afford a big bag of perlite...geez. fucking taxes man. I thought it was 6%? They took 83% of mine!
  15. this weekend i will ready a few 5 gal pots for the sip set up ill use from now on, add a few more admendments to the soil i have cooking til harvest. im seeing real good results for little effort. whats the old smart, not hard. sure applies to organics

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