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  1. Ok so someone post a this or that scenario, the person under that post the response, and your own this or that Ill start.

    Eaten alive or burned to death.
  2. damn that's a bad one. i'd probably have to say burned to death just because it would be fastest, but ouch.


    okay, on a lighter note, would you rather

    not be able to smoke weed for a year or not be able to eat ANY meat for a year? (easy for vegetarians)
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    Wow you put me in a bad position, im not going to go against a mod, so the 18+ rule lifted i guess.

    ok how about this one:

    a amc gremlin with 2 pounds of the dankest purp youve ever seen
    a lamborghini or ferrari
  4. This thread has been made before man.

    And its pretty obvious who you are!:rolleyes:
  5. A lambo for sure

    A year where you can ONLY smoke weed out of bongs or ONLY smoke weed out of bowls.
  6. boxers

    joints or blunts?

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