This "occupy" movement is such a joke

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  1. What are they going to do? Take over wallstreet and hand out money to people? They're fighting against cops who are of the same social class as the protesters while the bussinessmen go about their lives...

    If you wanna get their attention go throw some rocks through some of their windows. Standing around in a drum circle isn't gonna do shit.

    This country is fucked. Politicians are waayyy too influenced by cash and thats the biggest problem IMO. There's such a huge disconnect between politicians/the rich and the rest of us...

    But this protest isn't gonna fix anything. I know violence is bad and all that but no ones gonna take any of you protesters seriously until some shit gets broken and some people get hurt.

    And where are all the minorities stuck in the ghettos and projects? This is the perfect oppertunity to be heard but all I see is college kids, hipsters and middle class older folks...
  2. The world is fucked!
  3. If these people actually wanted "change" they'd occupy the Hamptons and Greenwich Connecticut, start camping out on banker's, stock broker's front lawns and smashing up their mercedes...
  4. These protests are the best thing American citizens are doing today. It doesnt matter what they are protesting, its that they ARE protesting and in mass numbers. To change things, you need to yell out in a large unified voice.

    These 'occupy' protests might not achieve what they set out for, but lets hope the trend catches on.
  5. Well having a bunch of people standing in the middle of their city IS gonna piss them off. And until now they didn't do anything about it, but now they're handing out evacuation notices, NOW is the time to stay if there was ever a better time. Now you're rocking the boat. Piss 'em off, make them listen. The only problem is they don't have a list of demands or even anyone in charge, someone's gotta step it up.
  6. Honestly I'm not completely "up" on their movements but I do support protests. The things that reach me most is the police brutality in the whole movement(s). I am a huge advocate against police brutality and for the right to protest and I hate the fact that the police are interfering illegally with this stuff, with FORCE too.

  7. 9 times out of 10 that "brutality" is justified. Sure, every now and then there's a instance where the police take it way too far, but for the most part the police only beat the shit out of those who are putting them or others in danger.

  8. No. Police brutality is never justified.
  9. Fuck the world

  10. :confused:


    Nah dude, nah. Check out the videos on YouTube of it, some people were just standing around and they herded them over to the side of the street and trapped them in this orange mesh thing and then just teargassed the poor girls. Many other examples too but you can look for them yourself lol
  11. that's funny^

    but mushroom is right; demonstration and activism are NECESSARY for reform, which is exactly what these occupy protests are calling for, and exactly what we need. This is true democracy here, and it's awesome.
  12. Yep, let's give the authorities a reason to pull out the tear gas. :rolleyes:

    I participated in the protest for a short while and I hope they can make a change for the better. I'd go back if I could, but I need my job.
  13. They need a leader, they need a higher purpose. It's not wallstreet it's Washington, it's time they stop chanting and start fighting before we lose what's worth fighting, the freedom we hold so dear. They stabbed us in the back let's return the favor by hitting them in the front. Charge into their buildings into their offices into their lives, they know you exist now show them you mean business.

    We out number the bourgeois, it's time they understand it.
  14. It's called police "brutality" for a reason.

    Cops today aren't the same cops that were on the beat during the 50's and 60's.

    Ever since crack showed up and the "war on drugs" was declared, police brutality and general aggression/harassment in the police force has become more acceptable/common.

    I'm not saying that the police force as a whole is like this, but just the way we simply interact with the police has changed drastically. Now, the first thing that cops do during a routine encounter is try and search people and convict them for drugs.

    All I can say is that the police's priorities have certainly changed, and not for the better . . . .
  15. Its lack of a specific goal is the main issue. It's like 'Yeah, corporate greed sucks! Fuck corporate greed!' without identifying specific issues or providing viable alternatives. This absence of a central aim means that people will find it difficult to become really impassioned about it, thus ensuring an inherent flaw that will hinder any real progress it could make.

    Also, over here where they've occupied the CBD and blocked a lot of traffic, they're just a public disturbance, stopping people from getting to work to support the economy which the protesters are trying to speak for... then when the cops warn them over and over again before finally dragging their stubborn asses out of the city centres, they get all whiney and complain about 'resorting to brutality'. What hyperbole, they're just removing a pointless and obstructive idealist collective who need to give more thought to forming a cogent movement.

    The principle is good, great, even. But the method by which they're attempting to speak for these principles is vague and flawed.

  16. Exactly, at least there doing something.
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    Ive been participating in Occupy Philadelphia since day 1. I have my tent, and the city officials are trying to get us to leave, fuck that. I grew up in a good home, went to college, and overall im having a decent life, im protesting because even though I'm better off than others, im still part of the 99% and im done with the bullshit. Its more about corporate greed political corruption and letting the voice of majority have a say that actually matters. I dont know what the outcome of this protest will be, but I have a feeling its going to be big. Even if a goal is not 100% clear atleast im doing something that I feel will benefit my country,and thats all the reason I need to sit in a tent in 45 degree weather.
  18. Police brutality in my icon ftw.
  19. "But sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces" - Carl Sagan
  20. corporate america have been playing their 'occupy your wallet movement' for long enough now.

    its time to say stop - and you can't achieve that with bricks or burning golfclubs. you have to remember with what we're dealing with here; fascists and bankers, the real owners of america.

    it must be done in numbers.

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