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this needs to be said

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whitekush, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. hash = :hello::hello::hello:

    i made my first batch of QWISO ever, and it was ready to smoke today.
    so i made a nice bowl (some dank dank bud with tonnes of red hair) and put some hash on the top.

    so high.
    i love it.
  2. congrats bro....homemade hash always makes smoking better :hello:...enjoy your high
  3. homemade hash is win, happy rippin :smoking:
  4. thanks man. i'm proud of the work i put into it.

    this high deserves cookies.
  5. If you liked your Qwiso you should give cold water hash a try.
  6. i'll check it out..
    only thing i have left to make hash with is like.. 8 months of keif in a grinder :S and i dont know how to make it with that yet.
  7. I would just save your kief, man.
  8. Save your kief man, if you want it "hashy" just press it.
  9. this is what i did with my little bit of kief i had a long time ago

    [ame=]YouTube - how to make hash[/ame]
  10. nice looking end result
  11. What do I do with keif?
  12. uh, smoke it? lol..

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