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This might sound weird

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazinBlunts420, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Ok so i just finished smoking the last of my stash (1 j) in 5 minutes, im pretty high since i havent smoked in 2weeks :(

    i spit like a gallon.... does anyone else get such a insanely watery mouth when smoking?
  2. when i smoke J's i do.
  3. i need to learn how to roll joints, i can roll GREAT blunts, but i have never tried rolling a joint and i used to love them before i figured out about blunts lol but yes, i get a wattery mouth when i smoke j's/blunts/cigars ( black n milds)
  4. i suck at rolling blunts i couldnt role 1 for the life of me

    but i can roll a perfect j... so i stick to j's and bongs
  5. nice name then, o the irony. :wave:
  6. Yeah why blazinblunts...why not smokinjays haha.:smoke:
  7. i thought blazinblunts rolled off the tongue better lol
  8. Yeah I guess it does:rolleyes:. Well im off to smoke another j. I might be back if I remember.
  9. Oposite here however the morning after i have a overload and have to drink half a gallon of spit lol...
  10. The first time i ever smoked it was out of a tin foil pipe (love em) i had so much spit, and it was so thick and caramelly. Was rediculous, like honestly each time i spit there was half a cup + coming out.

    Now i get cotton mouf kinda bad lol.
  11. happens here and there id rather have too much saliva flow than cotton mouth :cool:

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