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This may be a kinda dumb question but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wawa789, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Do some strains seem more potent when grinded?
  2. Man I wish I had a grinder...
  3. ALL strains taste better when grinded.
  4. No. If you're rolling joints or blunts it makes it burn a little better though.
  5. It's weird cuz I smoked just straight nugs and I'm not nearly as high now that I grinded it :/
  6. Straight nugs? You gotta at least break it down..
  7. when you grind it up you expose the bud better to your lighter. when its compacted you waste the inside of the weed with the remaining thc on the inside
  8. Damn I didn't know you don't get the inside I always though it made enough heat to get it.
  9. Unless you torch it your not getting it all. And i know a lot of people call it cash once its ash but if u dont grind it up and then once the top turns to ash flip your bowl around and you'll find some green.
  10. I usually break it with the corner of my lighter and smoke it until the ash goes inside the I getting all then or is some being left?
  11. Ha i do the same thing but i grind my weed. Yah probably. You use a spoon?
  12. Yeah I got this and another piece for 100 but I coulda got a bubbler for 129 idk why I didn't......
  13. Don't pay more then 100 for a bubbler :smoke:
  14. Really I thought 130 was ok? For a nice bubbler?
  15. The Gods frown on you, that's why.:cool:
  16. Maybe a REALLY nice bubbler. Their is no need to my freind. You can get one that will work just as well for 40. Then you have 90 more for bud
  17. Very true..I never thought about it like that
  18. It may be simple logic but I don't see how putting you herb through a grinder increases it's potency.

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