This man must be caught....

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  1. INTERPOL is seeking the help of the public to try to identify this man, photographed sexually abusing children in a series of images posted on the Internet.

    The photos shown here are from a series of around 200 pictures involving 12 different young boys, believed to have been taken in Vietnam and Cambodia in 2002 or 2003.

    These pictures have been produced by specialists from Germany's federal police force, the Bundeskriminalamt, working from originals found on the Internet, which had been digitally altered to disguise the man's face.
    Extensive police efforts worldwide to identify the man have so far failed and Interpol is now enlisting the support of the media and the public to help identify him as a priority.

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  2. trust me if I find the sick fuck hes gonna die a very slow painful death
  3. I detest child molestors. they fall somewhere between pond scum, and that white shit that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when your really thirsty
  4. You'd be surprised how much child prostitution goes on in countries like this... especially Cambodia. What's even worse is how many of the customers are American... a white person can't even go into a lot of parts of the country without being approached with offers for young girls and boys. Makes you wonder how many of these creeps get away with this shit on a daily basis.
  5. We got thousands upon thousands of these pedos all over the usa. leo needs to step up and stop killing iraqs youth and save ours!

    you touch a child in my presence in any way I see unfit? and youll have my cane across your head. no, it wouldnt be the 1st time. Im a fool. I will step into the fire before my brain can go, "that's not bright alex". too late. if I was younger i might not say a word, but i know the young bucks and shortys on the scene will defend me before anyone else. i dont need a weapon..
  6. Did they guess where his current location might be?

    I think all child molesters should be raped with a broken glass bottle and thrown in a 5 x 5 cage with rabid wolverines high on angel dust... but that's just me :D

    CosmicSerpent, you're right a lot of children do come over from those countries, in my sociology class last year we watched a movie about american doctors, rabis, lawyers going over to those countries for a week or two and buying some virgins to have sex with and then go back home to tell their wife they were on a "business trip". Fucked up dude...
  7. I hope he gets caught and is delt street justice.
  8. damn straight! when i was in thailand i was stuck in a real ghetto area in the north near the laos boarder and let me tell you, the worst of the worst ghettos and pj's here in amereica aint got shit on them hell holes over there. whores EVERY where and the only get more expensive the younnger they get. a grown woman charges like 10 us dollars whereas they charce 50 or so for little kids. i mean like 8 and 9 yr olds. sick bastards need to have their dicks ripped off for that shit.
  9. He looks like the kind of guy that would be a scout troop leader doesn't he?
  10. Do you know how many people look exactly like that?
  11. What a sick fuck I hope he gets caught really soon.
  12. that guy looks like a grade A fuck-wad.

  13. Ok I gots another one..

    Maybe he's a member of the Super Adventure Club...
  14. Well if we get him over here in the US, he will be praying that they don't sentence him here (which they probably won't unless he continues molesting once he got here). Child molesters, rapists, and snitches get killed in California Prisons. It just goes without saying. I have even heard of the Correctional Officers putting these child molesters in General Population just to make sure they got killed.
  15. whatsup with how all child molesters have that sick smile on there face
  16. Forward that picture to dog the bounty hunter and its game over for that guy.

    "RELENTLESS RUTHLESSNESS!" - Dog the bounty hunter
  17. What a sick fucker. I hope they get him soon.
  18. Right on! i wonder what dog would say if you asked him to find this guy, i bet he could do it.. :D

  19. Isn't that from Con Air? I know its from some movie.
  20. ^^^^^it is, but they still fall under the same category

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