This light look good?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Jimmy Carter, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Im looking for a 4x 24" T5HO for my cab im building and came across THIS

    You guys think its worth it? I was thinking I could probably polish the reflector if it isnt already.
  2. cool cool thank you. how much is shipping from you guys?
  3. Sent you a PM! Need to get a zip code for a quote.
  4. how does THIS light compare to the one i originally posted?
  5. Overall they are about the same. One has 6800 kelvin bulbs and the other 6500 kelvin which is a very minimal difference.
  6. hmm So if I bought that light from you, would you be able to ship it with half daylight half 2700k bulbs? Its going to be used to put My plant into flower anyway.
  7. We would be able to ship a unit without bulbs and then sell the bulbs separately.

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