this light ficture good

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  1. is this light ficture good i have a 25w bulb and a 40w bulb in it tell me if its ok or i need better bulbs for this light ficture
  2. Uhh. I think your gonna a. be more specific or b. put up pic
  3. yeah i just remberd i forgot to put the pic up lol here it is

  4. Yes thats a shoplight with 4 ft tubes.... should be 40w each.

    That should be fine for growing keep the lights extremely close. if you use the daylight bulbs the leafs can touch the bulbs without burning them.
  5. alright then i need to go get some of those daylight bulbs because i have a 25w and a 40w but see the problem is me and my friend are growing it in his barn atick and this place has a fuse box and the fuse that we are using are 30A and should i get like 60A fuses because the fuse box can hold upto 60A fuses
  6. [​IMG]

    this would be my plant
    ino the stem needs to get thicker but how is it doing so far
  7. That's a very nice vine you got there. Unfortunately, MJ is not a vine. Your plant is so stretched that I don't think it can make it. You have to get that light very close to the plant right now if you have any hope of salvaging it.
  8. Cant get the light to the plants, then get the plants to the light =P
  9. alright thanks guys

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