this isnt so much funny as it is wierd

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  1. Yeah so me and this rabbit were chillin at this big sports arena. Yeah it was pretty futuristic and there were a lot of crazy apples dancing a jig of fury. Feeling my unending power, I decided to turn all of time into a thought in my head. My my, that's so much power.
  2. All of a sudden the rabbit began to convulse. He was spasming for a while untill eventually he keeled over. I thought he was dead, but when I went over to see if he was alright, he jumped at my neck and bit down hard.

    (lets make this never ending story part 2)
  3. The rabbit began to excrete mind altering poisons into my jugular. Feeling the effects immediately, I fell backwards onto a neverending bed of stars. Blackness.

    I awoke in a strange land of twisted creation. My every thought spawned a new life here. I stopped at a large tree. This tree had a large, almost clown-like mouth. Peering into the jagged iron maiden of a smile, I recieved the desires of the tree. Not quite telepathy, but not quite assumption, somewhere in the gray area between ultimate power and insanity I lay inside the shady protection of my soulmate.
  4. The longer I sat there, the more I could feel the tree's energy pulsating within my veins. I began to reflect on the nature of the universe. I felt as though I was all powerful and all knowing. Suddenly, as though the tree realized I was leeching off its power, I was thrown out into a harsh wasteland.
  5. the desolate nightmare of my surroundings was alarming. Gone was the quiet serenity that I had become so happy with. Replacing it was a cold, empty, desert. A scorpion scuttled by with a dark cloud following it. My mind grew black and distraught, reflecting the scorpions own evil.
  6. The scorpion turned to face me. He let out a small screech and then began to grow. With each passing second he grew larger and larger. He was growing at an exponential rate and I began to shudder at this shear macrocosm of a creature. I was thrown on his back while he continued to grow. Soon the tiny folicles on his back were the size of trees, and I was stuck in the middle of this jungle. The microscopic cells all over his body also grew untill finally they stopped and I was surrounded by dust mites and living cells all smiling and laughing at me.
  7. Feeling the darkness of their thoughts, their laughter pervaded my mind. I tried to run, but their number was unimaginable. As far as I could see, into the horizon danced a living black cloud of shuddering hate. They swarmed onto me, screaming and screaming, prodding at my body with their sticky tendrils. As I struggled, their dance of evil turned from mocking to sexual. Feeling their rage of sexual frenzy, I tried to scramble to my feet, only to fall flat on my face. Blood exploded from my nose as they entered me from behind.
  8. Suddenly I awoke with a shudder. My shirt was soaked through with sweat. I took a look around. I was in some sort of old abandoned warehouse. I tried to get up but I was still paralyzed with fear. I thought long and hard to myself. How did I get here? What is going on? Then it hit me. Two days earlier I had broken into a druid temple. I was drunk and in a sort of rage and I had smashed everything in there. On my way out I was confronted by a mob of angry druids on their way in. They told me they would not harm me physically but that they would invade me in my dreams. I disregarded their ramblings at that time because I was focused on getting the fuck out of that temple. Now it was all too clear.

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