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this isn't my week... :(

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. first, i get the news that we're going to war. this is no good 'cause i have a pretty good friend over there. then i get the news that my best friend's been passing out and they don't know why. then yesterday i get a letter from my other friend in the marines (who i've known for the last 7 years) telling me that he too is in war.

    i then get MORE bad news about my friend who's been passing out. i originally was told that it was most likely a stomach virus or something... today i found out they did a catscan of her head and found a shadow on her brain. they don't know what it is yet, so they're doing more tests.

    this on-top of all the stuff that's been happening at the city lately... just hasn't been a good week.


    sorry for not having positive things to talk about... just been goin through a lot lately, and kinda needed to vent a little.
  2. ahhh.... im sorry to hear about all of your friends who are having troubles..... i will smoke a big fat bowl for each of them, and dedicate it to them also....hope everything works out!
  3. whats this vetting you speak of :p
  4. lol. vet = vent without the n. :D

    i noticed it too late... but edited it anywayz :)
  5. now im the one who seems dumb:p

    well, im not dumb, just stoned:D

  6. im with RUMJIL!!

    your av scares me
  7. ::shouts from 3 blocks away from Chucky::

  8. Hang in there cottons!!!!! will toke a hit in your honor!!
  9. well you know what this means? next week will be awesome.

  10. that's too bad about your friend, random passing out is usually a good thing :(

    I don't have any weed so I'll eat this hamburger in your honor

    *mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... hamburger...*
  11. its a tough time! cottons, I know everything will work out to all good soon, very soon, keep your head up high to be sure to catch all the karma Im floating your way. your friends are in my thoughts as well and...
  12. thanks guys (and gals :D). i know things will eventually work out. as for my friend and passing out... i called her lastnight. she tried playing it off like she wasn't worried, but i could tell she was.


    yeah... next week will be awesome... last week was good, and then this week happened, LOL. i hate it when things just start going good... then they all go to shit again. oh well, that's just life i guess.

    thanks again for the thoughts, bowls, and karma :D they are much appreciated :)
  13. Hey know me, I'm late. I'm sorry about it all.

    Good vibes and karma are on their way to your friend with the bad CAT scan.

    I have some friends over there fighting too and a few members of my family but I have faith that they will all be safe. It just sucks to watch the news and hear about makes me sick to my stomach to think about it.

    At least life is looking're going to college, dude!!!:)
  14. thanks RMJL...

    i just realized something... your quote is by Emerson... my youngest sister went to Emerson elementary school a while back. lol, that's pretty cool.
  15. Yeah, ol' Ralph Waldo is the man. I dig him!

    So, the coincidence is cool even though I don't believe in them...coincidences, that is.

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