this is why i don't drink...

Discussion in 'General' started by oneblownaZn, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. hahah damn. I'm adding this to the reasons I dont drink too.
  2. oh your god.. i think i'm gonna have to start drinking to get that image out of my head.
  3. I would rep you but it's not worth the wasted time of me having no rep and all...
  4. i think this is the third time ive seen this today. still funny.:hello:

    just noticed its one of those plastic waaaaaay lighter than both of them combined and i bust those chairs easily by just sitting in them. im guessing she breaks the chair and smothers him shortly afterwards.
  5. I'd tap it.

  6. I don't even understand why dudes end up drinking a lot and end up at the party with the fattest chick, its really sad. Beer vision doesn't work on me though I'm straight.
  7. I drink plenty and I've never done somethin nasty like that. I bet you guys just use the alcohol excuse to bang the fat chicks!
  8. This picture is so win. The guys at the bottom with their thumbs up just add to the winnings.
  9. dude Ive never had the beer goggles problem. But I will say I have fucked a couple fatties in my day. Pussy is pussy, *****.

    fuckin fat chicks is like riding a scooter. Its fun to do until your friends see you!
  10. eeeeeewww alcohol is so nasty.

    But come on, be fair; we all know he would hit it sober.

  11. hey you know what they say, a dark room can cure ugly, but it cant change FAT. haha
  12. i like a few beers... but i dont do tha whole wasted to the point of fuckin fat chicks thing.
  13. i drink.
    to laugh at guys like that.
    like i never get beer goggles like that....but im down for some action from some 7's.
  14. Right on. I don't drink either.
  15. I drink, and I've never randomly found ugly chicks attractive.

    Not all fat chicks are ugly, so I can't say the same about fat chicks in general :p
  16. Steps for a great evening [at least until morning]

    1. Get FUCKED off of drink after drink after drink

    2. Fuck a fat chick

    3. Get ridiculed by your friends until you move to Alaska.

    4. You never move to Alaska, so to cope with your friends constant ridicule, you start drinking drink after drink after drink, starting at step 1.

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