This is what Obama is up against

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  1. A bunch of drunk JAPs from Westchester, NY are not what Obama is up against.

    Any real Zionist knows Obama has their back.
  2. I would say the mentality that those people show, is the kind of ignorance Obama is up against in the Arab world, not just Israel.

    Your right, Obama has the Israeli lobby and AIPAC secured, but see the ignorance in what they say?

    We all have to fight against blatant ignorance like that.

    I just found that video mind-blowing.

  3. Well those were mostly Americans, so I wouldn't say that is a good representation of the Arab world. I would guess that a lot of Israelis, those that have actually grown up with violence, support a two state solution or some peaceful alternative to perpetual war.

    Rather than an example of what Obama is up against, those are prime examples of Obama's enablers. Violent war mongering drunks, the people that will be cheering when Obama invades Iran.

    How do you mean "up against" anyways?

    The video was certainly mind blowing, but I believe they exemplify why alcohol is legal and cannabis is not.
  4. Yeah well, we're all up against this. Quite a bit more disturbing.

    [ame=]YouTube - Palestinians Celebrate 9/11 Attacks[/ame]
  5. Whats your point?
  6. the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. you cannot justify these Israelites unacceptable behavior because they are against someone who is also against you. theres not just two sides to everything, like you seem to want to believe in some of your posts.
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    What a bunch of ignoramus idiots. What a bunch of spoiled, entitled, over-emotional, ignorant bitches. These kids need to go back to sucking their parents twats at their law firms in westchester and suffolk counties. Get over yourselves.

    Now, I'm sick of how it is apparently the U.S.' job to put all political agenda to Israel and Jews. You aren't the first people to be oppressed, you aren't the only and you sure as fuck won't be the last.

    Since when is Israel the 51st state? If these people want to keep being bullheaded and claiming the whole area is theirs, fine, have at it...but enough of getting dragged into this quagmire with the short end of the stick. And then when Obama even starts to try and mend ties between two sides it is met with nothing but vitriol from rich, spoiled, entitled idiots. Very classy.

    I did love the guy who said he didn't know anything about politics, yet went on to rant about his guns being taken away (let me rephrase that--going to be taken away...I'm still waiting for this to happen as universally as it is supposed to) and then just spewed some racist crap. Nicely done.

    It is expected that lower class, pissed off and under-educated Palestinians would react like that to a travesty such as a terrorist attack. It is beyond disgusting that rich, upper class, educated (supposedly) would spew such similar ignorant garbage.
  8. Canada starting to tax chiken by the pound?
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    Well put.

    But you have to understand, that some people just don't get that.

    Without the us vs. them mentality, some people just aren't sure how to react/handle situations. I liken it to sports fans. There are sports fans that have a team, have an agenda, but at the end of the day can separate themselves from their allegiances...and objectively assess the game they are watching as well as respect what both teams bring to the table.

    And have the idiots that only understand watching sports as good vs evil, us vs them, etc etc. They refuse to admit when a rival player is sick, they refuse to admit a great play, etc etc. A generalization and blanket statement for sure, but it seems the type that have a hard time being objective about a sporting event are more than likely to have a similar diplomatic outlook towards complex world affairs.
  10. I saw this the other day. hahaha the funny thing is I go to school with the first kid to speak, the fat kid in the bandana. I hate him.
  11. "who's benjamin yahoo?"
    this video just makes me mad. most people are dumb for the sake of being dumb. douchebags and japs from the US who seem to know nothing. What really makes me mad is this makes jews look bad. not just americans. I want to punch everyone in that video in the face.
  12. Haha, I totally know what you mean.

    If I go to a game with my sport nut friends and applaud an impressive play by someone of the other team they will bug out. At football games I usually cheer "Go football!", I'm not fond of partisanship.

  13. I feel your pain, this video reminded me of a lot of kids that went to my school/friends school...Unbearable.
  14. AWESOME. I do this like this when i go to preseason games or games that don't matter. it's fun to not get too wrapped up in things.
  15. Not that I agree with them, but I can see why they'd be doing that. If you were a Palestinian, would you be really friendly towards a country that has clearly supported the nation that is oppressing your peoples, forcing you into smaller and smaller ghettos, committing genocide against your people? Would you really be so friendly towards the country that provides Israel with the bombs they use to murder your family and friends?

  16. Exactly.

    Granted I have my own partisan beliefs, but yea, I'm a fan of the belief that true objectivity is not a bad thing.

  17. These are all valid points--but you are just wasting keystrokes. I highly doubt Dronetek is going to have an ounce of sympathy for people that are "against him," no matter how valid their reasons are for such an unfortunate reaction.

  18. I guess nobody remembers the 5 gleefully dancing Israelis?

    Were Israelis Detained on Sept 11th Spies?

    Or the bomb planted on the GW bridge?

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