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  1. Life isnt meant to be lived seriously, Its meant to be lived adventerously and Dangerously, Never put play after work. Even if you think work is fun, Just one day completely blow off work and just have the greatest day ever and youll see what im saying, Do it high even get drunk, Trip balls! Life was made to be lived, Everything on this earth was meant to have a purpose. And humans purpose. TO LIVE LIFE.

    Go fast
    Take it slow

    idk, Im trippin' on the carpet of life right now, And i fell right on it and its velvet! and i just realized what life was really about.

    Wow...Sorry crazy legs!
  2. LOL!!!


    I bet you're having fun.
  3. Im eating those Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals, And omg i ate the whole box!!
  4. wow that's amazing. I love that shit. I might go have a bowl right now actually. :D
  5. Literally sex in a bowl. Like Greatest blowjob ever is the first spoonful of this shit.
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    when the human race was beginning we didnt have weed/alcohol. we only had mad sex... probably with mad random girls since relationships werent existent then. wouldve been really fun to run around the world with naked girls, only a dream now :(

    and op i dont fully agree with you. i believe you should work hard ontop of enjoying life so in the future you have money to start a family, support a family, do big things. but ya totally enjoy everyday, neve be upset or mad, waste of time, happy thoughts :p
  7. Imagine how nasty some of that vagina is though!!! holy hell DOUCHES were invented!! and im not talking about the Douches who wear 4 collared shirts all popped up, Like let me get you guys some pictures.


  8. holy pubic hair good thinking, that would be dirt.

    if i lived back then man i would grow out my pubes as much as possible. when i walk around naked (its a daily thing, lol jk) my balls get chilly afte a while. i could only imagine being outside though some of the weather now :O . you think they had better weather like 3000 years ago?

    i just seen a v of ducks/bids (w/e they are) flying right out my window while im laying in bed
  9. i freakin love that cereal O_O

  10. Life isn't meant to be lived seriously? What? Of course it is. There's a time to be serious and a time to play. Work should always be before fun. Or else, nothing would get done. Sure, work is no fun, but it's necessary so things can function. Everything would fall apart.
  11. I dunno man.. Like it would be good protection from the sun I guess, but think about all the dirt and bugs and grime that would be nesting in your ballsack and grundle.

    Also: What the fuck, I'm in a sig!

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