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  1. look at these pictures, it's like those people who live there aren't people but robots...they have no soul....

    and not to mentions strict drug laws, no wonder they have the highest suicide rate in the world.


  2. looks like people who live there live in a big city
  3. Amazing !!! Beautiful freedom
  4. And you are a freedom loving individual?
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  5. This is what you chose to be your first post at Grasscity??

    Some batshit claim that japan's people are robots because they live in a huge city?


  6. [​IMG]

    it's supposed to house 750,000 people and is based after the tyrell corporation building on blade runner :eek:
  7. Concrete jungle...

    It's depressing to think some people can go throughout their entire day without ever letting their feet touch real earth.

    Some people wake up, get in their car in the garage, drive to a parking garage, walk in to their office job, get off work and back in there car, re park in the garage, and watch TV until its time to repeat.

    Sure they may need to go to the grocery store or even the gym, but the entire time their feet reside on artificial ground. How can you exist like this and still possess your humanity? It makes me depressed seeing humans in iron, steel, cages like that.
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  8. You picked the most normal things about Japan.


    And that's only the stuff I'm actually allowed to post.
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  9. all i saw was a sick ass city
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    I think you're soulless for assuming that a country's spiritual health or even existence depends on the look of their skylines and their drug laws. Also, their high suicide rate is symptomatic of a much wider psycho-societal dynamic than skyscrapers and sobriety.

  11. haha i honestly don't care how weird they are.

    From pokemon to digimon, to nintendo 64, to super nintendo, to gamecube, those motherfuckers created my childhood.

    i have everything to owe them
  12. Only another 99 years until completion but an interesting structure nonetheless.

    If there was only some way I could live until I was 126 so I could see it.

  13. japan is good weird and bad weird at the same time
  14. I know, that shit would be so awesome. I really wish I could see humans progress long enough just so I could see what kind of cities we live in hundreds of years from now. I wanna see some shit that makes NY look like Ancient Rome

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Yes, other parts of the world besides america has advanced technology.

    Seems like someone just found a map
  17. And OP don't be silly, everybody knows Japan is completely animated. It's a different world over there
  18. looks awesome, i'd love to live there (or at least visit...)
  19. am i the only one who is still reeling after reading that its supposed to house 750 fucking thousand people?

    that's the population of the city i live in (just the city not the metropolitan area)

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