This is torture

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  1. I haven't smoked in a month and I just picked up an eighth of dank but I have to wait for my mom to go to bed before I smoke cause I can't get caught again. And please no "you're too young to smoke" posts. I'm eighteen but still in high school.

  2. You've made it this far. What's a few more hours?
  3. lol i know that feeling

    damn inconsiderate non tokers staying up all night
  4. Ohhh I'll bet you can almost taste that sweet, slightly spicy smoke. Feel the initial kick as the THC hits your brain receptors. Feel the slowly growing stone creep into every cell of your body.


  5. Ha seriously.

  6. Fuckin asshole. I'll admit that made me laugh though lol.
  7. ;)


    Just teasin'. It'll be all the better having waited.

  8. I can only hope.
  9. I checked out your plants by the way. Very nice. Although I'm an indica fellow myself.
  10. Northern Lights #5 is mostly Indica, and the hybrid I'm working on is 50-50

  11. Ohh nice. It's just that the description said it was mostly sativa. It did look kind of short for a sativa though. All the ones I've seen have been monsters.
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    The 'What I'm smoking' one is a 50-50 hybrid, Northern Lights #5 (Indica) and an unknown Sativa. Most of the plants in my Grow thread are my NL #5 with a few shots of some others.

    EDIT: Here's some of my NL#5 -

  13. I'm jealous. I've never grown but I've been researching it for a while. I can't wait to finish school, get my own place, and start some plants of my own.
  14. OSG I'm gonna find out where ya live!:p

  15. It's a great hobby and you can have the best smoke you'll ever taste. The only time I've had cannabis better than what I grow myself, and that was arguable at best, was in Maui many years ago.


  16. Be breakin' thru your window like muthafucka I'm home, where the drugz at
  17. Ooooo. That wouldn't be very smart at our house. Proud supporters of the Second Amendment you know ;)
  18. Lol nah I wouldn't do that to ya my dude, I'd be nice enough to knock on the door
  19. Oh now that's different :smoking:

    Coming through the window would get you shot in the head. If you come through the front I'd probably just kneecap you. PSYCH. Joking.
  20. I'm not even gonna bother knockin' I'm just gonna ring the doorbell instead

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