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Discussion in 'General' started by XxRollinDirtyxX, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I hate to say it, but u guys are heading down the same path as , its only a matter of time before this place gets shut down as well.. its soo obvious that this is a host for underage people just looking to get fuckked up

    theres soo much more to drug use than simply getting fucked up. its those same underage people who give drugs a bad name
  2. that is why the mods and a lot of members are trying to weed out the underage users to keep the City legit

    i agree with you that drugs are much more than "just getting fucked up" and i also agree it is those people that tend to give things a bad name. We try our best to weed out the immature assholes around here, hopefully the City will be back to its kickassness that it once had(even more so than when i joined)

    i HIGHLY doubt this place will be shut down anytime soon
  3. got shut down for selling seeds to the US. does not. So I think its pretty safe.
  4. We should get rid of drug talk (expluding marijuana, which I dont consider a drug). That, or we should have another forum for psychadelics or something
  5. actually in the report.. the selling of seeds was a reason but the main reason for shutting down the site was because it contained numerous grow logs and how-to-grow guides and had numerous underage members..
  6. honestly.. if u guys are interested in psychadelics u have to check out our site.. i mean thats what we specialize in.. that and other plants
  7. Age has nothing to do with immaturity, for some part yes it does. I bide by darwin's law. Hunter s Thompson- buy the ticket take the ride. If your doing drugs to get fucked up, than so be it. But if your doing them for other reasons, hats off. There is no difference from a 15 year old kid smoking pot after school everyday and doing drugs just to get fucked up. than a 40-year old that drinks his cup of coffee and watches the news every morning to complain about it. Society is crumbling. So i say toke a bowl and watch the chaos unfold. Hell, Thompson killed himself as this roller coaster began, and we have nothing but to hold on tight and ride the wave.
  8. well hey kalidescope!!! another shroomery buddy!!! i think.. or are u a member of our site?
  9. due to legal issues though, the City must knowingly ban an underage member.

    New policy has been put into effect that immaturity shall be banned as well, regardless of the users age
  10. 1. servers are based in Amsterdam

    2. GC doesn't sell certain products to countries that it's illegal (seeds, mushroom grow kits)

    3. All the Admins and Mods do a great job of weeding out the underage and immature posters

    4. I'm not underage, and most of the other users on here are not as well (it's impossible to catch them all). Also, you might want to try visiting the spirituality forums and actually read the posts before you say that "it's sooo obvious that this is a host for underage people just looking to get fucked up"

    have a wonderful day, and do some thinking before hitting that submit button next time :D
  11. thats great.. are u a moderator/ admin token?
  12. and thats why there is 1 person viewing the spirituality board.. and 44 on this one.. i think i rest my case..
  13. nahh, he's not...just a concerned citizen of the city that takes pride in keeping the city clean:D
  14. you proved...nothing...congrats ;)

  15. The problem is immaturity is extremely hard to define.
  16. nope. for one, i have not been here long enough to even get into the alledged "vip area". two, i do not think i would want the responsibilities on this website they have. i enjoy just being where i am at, free to come and go as i want and let them do all the dirty work of keeping the city set up

    only mods and admins here are the early members that joined when the city was first created, plus there are plenty of them already in effect that i do not think they need more

    ADD: yeah i know lebowski, some of the bans or warnings of late i do not necessarily agree with because i feel some of them were just people having fun and were not taken that way by those in power
  17. he seems like a great guy.. he should really swing by our site.. id love to have a guy of his character as a moderator
  18. This thread is so negative huh? Talking about GC being shut down...........
  19. thanks a lot man :smoke:

    i am about to go out right now, but i'll definately head over tomorrow and give it a look around
  20. If shit hits the fan, i suggest GC buys a server in Argentina/Russia/Sweden Some country that doesnt give a fuck.. i dont mind the underage people here aslong as there not fucking dumb asking how to get "fuckked up".

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